Friday, 14 August 2015

My New Best Friend~ ꒰⑅ᵕ༚ᵕ꒱˖♡

New category up today~ And given my tendency to ramble I have decided to, very aptly, call it Baby Babble =D *cue awkward applause*

Baby Summer is now 6 weeks old and progressing quite nicely. She's been settling in to a fairly regular routine of feeds, bath time, playtime and naps every 2 or 3 hours in the day and seems to be progressively sleeping better and longer at night~ In the earlier weeks we had to stay up really late and squeeze in an hour or so of sleep between wee hour feedings so that was really tiring. Now, I only occasionally sit at my bed till 3 or 4a.m, expecting her to wake up hungry but she calls my bluff and snoozes all the way till 7a.m.... (-_-;;)

That said, she really is getting more and more adorable as the weeks pass. Now that she's becoming much more responsive, it's a daily highlight for the family whenever she gives us her Mona Lisa half smile and that fabulous open-mouthed smiley face~ I wasn't much of a baby person before, because I never really knew what to do with them, but now I turn to goo every time she laughs and smiles~ (^__^)

One of my favourite moments is when I pat her to sleep and she curls up on my chest, wiggling her way around until she gets herself all scrunched up in her favourite position. It's like crouching real low on all fours on my chest with her head tucked into my neck~ You can't see her legs in the photo but they're all hiked up like a sitting frog =P

And from this point it's hours of uninterrupted sleep.....sometimes for both of us! My Dad has sneaked shots of the both of us concussed in this position before and I love those shots despite the unglam-ness of it all XP (and no I shan't publicise them here.)

Oh! And it was also quite the highlight when she saw her fairy lights above her bed for the first time! She opened her eyes so big and her mouth totally fell open like "OOOoooooo what're these~~~~"

Lapsing into quiet rapture ^^

I love those lights, got them for a steal during the babymoon to Helsinki. They're actually warm lights instead of the cool white in the photos and they're set into felt animal and flower cut-outs. Running on a couple of AA batteries, they were super easy to put up and also super cheap so getting them was a no-brainer.

And then it was off to dreamland after another bout of patting and walking her up and down the living room~

See? I'm turning into goo just looking at the photos and recalling the moment I switched on those fairy lights! ^^

Ok, it's time to squeeze in forty winks again so bye for now! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ