Monday, 23 December 2013

No Frills Xmas Giftwrapping~

Just another day to Christmas! Have you finished this year's giftwrapping? ^_^

While most department stores and merchants have giftwrapping services, I usually wrap my own presents so I know which packages under the tree are from me. And also for that small personal touch. Though I'm not the most creative nor the neatest giftwrapper, I like to try!

This year, I've taken to using brown paper a lot for packages so why would Xmas be any different =P I like how brown paper makes it look like the package came from the baker or butcher's shop or something along those lines.. It's cheap, easy and extremely versatile!

You only need: Scissors, Tape, Black Marker & Brown Paper

So you basically wrap your gifts up whichever way you like then doodle on them with the black marker~ I like to line the edges of the paper to make them look more cartoonish~ It also helps to accent the edges if I've used the scalloping scissors on them.

Doesn't need to be complicated, something simple like this works too!

Then you'll end up with really simple, old skool-looking stuff like this!

I'm also quite pleased with these ribbons I found (on sale, 50% off!) at this store called The Good Things~ Not sure if you can see the text but it says: ' Caution! Panic Purchase. ' I also got another pack that says 'You're Old' for birthdays. Hehehehehe~

So this is more or less my share of this year's pile of gifts for the tree~


I'll admit they'll look plainer and less glitzy than the other presents but it feels good to wrap them by myself =)


Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Not-So-New Olay Advanced Cleansing System =P

Happy December!!! \\\ (^-^)/// With just 2 more weeks to go! How's your Xmas shopping going?

I totally went crazy shopping overseas and went over my budget >_< And the worst part is I haven't gotten a "main course" gift for my Dad yet! Dads are just so hard to shop for when they already have everything~~ (T____T) And on the other end, I bought more than one gift for my Mom! Like wth~~ Oh, in case you were wondering what's a "main course" gift, it's the main bigger ticket item. I like to gift hamper style so there's usually a main item accompanied by smaller "side dishes" hahahaha~~ It just makes me happy to see more packages under the tree y'know? And for the receiver I think it's fun to have multiple packages to open~

Anyway~~~~ my colleagues have recently been abuzz about using Clarisonic as a couple of the girls recently bought theirs and had pretty good results~ Well, Clarisonic is abit too pricey for me to just buy & try so I thought I might start with a more wallet-friendly option first ^_^

Watsons recently had a Xmas sale and my-oh-my the Olay Specialty Cleanser was on sale for about S$35! Done! (Usually retails around S$40 I think.)

Comes with a 20ml sample tube of Olay Skin Renewal Cleanser
Some back of the box info:

As a starter kit it's very comprehensive, batteries included!
As described on the box, the brush head simply clicks on. Pop in the battery and you're all set! I have to say though, that the battery compartment was quite difficult to open >_< Fear of breaking it kept me from wrenching it off and too little strength seemed to get me nowhere =_= It took awhile but I got it done.
Here's a closer look at the brush head:
Not super fine but for S$35 I'm not expecting so much really =\
If you've played with the Clarisonic display, you'll know those bristles are much finer than this budget option but who knows, maybe they'll be good enough? The 2 speed options available on this brush are also vigorous enough for me since I'm quite wary of over-exfoliating~
Well, I've been using this cleansing system for a little over a week now and whilst I still don't see the improved skin texture, it definitely feels very clean and smooth after usage. My skincare products absorb a lot faster too! Usage in colder climates however resulted in very very VERY slight peeling around my lower cheek area and nose, just a tiny little area, wasn't much of a fuss. So whilst Olay may not be an optimal drugstore alternative to the Clarisonic, it does help and it isn't pricey. Replacement heads are cheap too, less than S$10 per brush.
I haven't used the Skin Renewal Cleanser sample that came with it yet, been testing the brush with my own cleansers ^^
So in short, the Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System Specialty Cleanser:
  • Is affordable and easily found in drugstores & dept stores
  • Comes in a comprehensive starter kit including battery and sample size Skin Renewal cleanser
  • 2-speed control & water resistant, battery compartment's abit stiff to open though
  • Bristles are not as fine as Clarisonic's but are not rough on my combination skin. Might be too much for sensitive skin types though?
  • Skin feels immediately cleaner and smoother after usage without the squeaky clean feeling (however this is likely to differ with your choice of cleanser)
  • Usage in winter climate resulted in VERY slight peeling on my nose and cheeks so people intending to travel with this in winter might want to take it easy
  • As expected, skincare products absorbed extra well after using it
  • Is most likely NOT the best drugstore alternative to the Clarisonic but performs ok for someone just looking to test out the system
 I wish the bristles were abit finer but hey, for just S$35, I think it wasn't too bad a buy~ =D

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Da-Da-Da Dasoda MG Mega Liquid Concealer~

Ok I admit I'm at a loss for a decent title XP

Anyway~~ This isn't a new product, launched much earlier this year but I only recently finished my Sleek Makeup concealer so finally I was able to justify a new purchase~

This is the Dasoda MG Mega Liquid Concealer~

Retails at S$25.90 at Watsons, Sasa, y'know...the usual places =P

It comes in 2 colours, Natural and Ochre. Natural is a pink-ish shade and Ochre is a yellow-ish shade. As there weren't any testers I had to struggle for awhile to decide but thankfully, I got Ochre which is PERFECT for my NC25-30 skintone. (Check out my FAQ section for an idea of my skin tone across brands.)

A look at the back of the box info:

This concealer is also formulated with various ingredients for a 'lift-up' function and daily use supposedly can help prevent wrinkles, dryness and age spots around the eyes. That's a nice little titbit but to me, makeup is makeup..doesn't help that the skincare ingredients I can see (Royal Jelly extract, Collagen etc) are at the tail end of the ingredients list.

Moving on, here's a look at the calligraphy brush applicator~
When it's new the brush is pure white and it took me quite a while of clicking away to get the initial flow going >_< For awhile I thought the product had dried up inside the pen!

Easy click-to-dispense mechanism

The 'clicker' is firm and doesn't overdispense. =)

Blends like a dream~

The concealer liquid is quite creamy but not thick and blends very smoothly even with several layers.
Here I have the concealer on my undereyes, nose (on the bridge and on the redness under my nose area) and temples plus selected spots here and there on my face.

Pretty decent with just concealer ey? =D

I was really happy that it didn't cake and emphasize the lines under my eyes even though I applied several layers!

Yay no caking!!

After this all I added was a light dusting of Bare Minerals loose power, a smattering of blusher and lipbalm and I was all set!

All done in like what, 5-10min? Woots!

I have to say, I'm really liking this one!
In short, the Dasoda MG Mega Concealer Liquid:
  • slim casing is super easy to bring around
  • smooth liquid product dispenses and blends well
  • conceals light to medium blemishes and undereye circles well after layering
  • coverage is buildable to a medium level without caking up or emphasizing lines
  • easily available and affordable (Currently 20% off!)
  • having only 2 colour options might make it difficult to match skin tones

I was hesitant at first because there wasn't a tester and it was pricier than the Sleek concealer I had before but I'm glad I got this! ^__^

Monday, 11 November 2013

GLOMAX Aesthetics @ Soho2 [Sponsored Review]

A couple of weeks ago I was pleasantly surprised to receive an exclusive invite from GLOMAX Aesthetics to try out one of their highly raved about facial treatments! Cursory research on the salon turned up numerous favorable reviews and it seemed to be a very cosy setup right by Clarke Quay MRT Station~

A little more about GLOMAX Aesthetics:

Nestled six floors above Singapore's famous riverside Clarke Quay, GLOMAX Aesthetics - The Face Artistry is everything a cosy soho salon stands for: expertise, customization and modernity. The commitment to your skin deserves only the best preventive and corrective non-invasive treatments here for instant results. They are so good, you would not want to go anywhere else.

At GLOMAX Aesthetics - The Face Artistry, expect a fine collection of ultimate face and body treatments boosted with award-winning aesthetics machines and celebrity skincare products. Our treatments are specially crafted for instantaneous results and meticulously executed by crack team of amazingly knowledgeable beauty masters.

Some of the advanced treatments offered at GLOMAX include:

  • Luminous Detox Energie Care Treatment 90mins
  • Intensive Acne Medic Treatment 60mins
  • Ultimate Bright Enlightenment 60mins  - Cosmopolitan Best For Sensitive Skin Treatment Award 2013
  • Eternal Lifting Treatment 60mins  - The Women's Weekly Best Non-invasive Treatment Award 2013
  • Super ACE Anti-oxidant Treatment 90mins 
  • Opulence Oxygen Treatment 45mins 
(Just for the record, I do go for regular facials every month, just the run of the mill cleansing+mask type, nothing super fancy ^_^ )

Directions are super easy! Simply exit at The Central and walk straight down past Starbucks, the building right beside The Central is Soho2.

To access the lift lobby, simply punch in the unit number, get buzzed in then take the lift on the left up to the 6th floor~

A little distance down a long narrow corridor....

And we arrived at Glomax~

Just press the doorbell to get in and change into the house slippers~ After a warm welcome drink of ginger tea and filling in my details, I was ushered into one of the treatment rooms for a quick facial cleanse before my consultation.

Evonne, who assessed my skin, was very friendly and professional, suggesting the Luminous Detox Energie Care Treatment for my skin dullness and blackhead & sebum problem minus the facial massage as that might overly stimulate my sebum production >__<

Here's a look at the treatment room:

Love the wallpaper and cosy, quiet surroundings~

Changing into the orange robe and I was ready for my facial!

Beginning with another cleansing, I then had a Diamond Microdermabrasion done. It was my first time and it was basically a repetitive suction feeling all over my face, no pain involved. She did half my face first so I could see the difference before and after, I swear I was immediately a shade fairer and more radiant!

Next, a sonic extraction was done with a spatula-like handheld device to cleanse my face of those pesky whiteheads & blackheads! That hurt! The therapist did a very through job with the device and followed up with the usual extraction procedures. I was UTTERLY convinced I was gonna be walking around with a tortured red face after the treatment! Especially when she asked "You won't be having any functions in the next 2 days I hope?" Eeeks!!

I hate to be gross but here's a look at some of the gunk they got off my face:

The little cotton pad on the left is from the diamond peel device,
the sonic cleansing device is on the right

Next, I had a Vit C serum that was applied with a cold flat headed device (it goes as low as -5 degrees!), smelt nice and felt really good after the extraction! Followed by a 2 layer calming + hydrating mask plus a relaxing shoulder and head massage while waiting for the mask to set in~ ( ^____^)/

After the mask was removed, she applied sebum regulator (I think it was toner?), moisturizer and sunscreen, reminding me that for the next few days, sunscreen would be very important as I'd done the Diamond Microdermabrasion. And that was the end of my session~

My face immediately after the treatment! (Sorry, zero makeup and mussed up hair means I look pretty meh.)
No redness!! No photoshop! 

I was REALLY surprised that there was ZERO redness and swelling. None of the usual indications after extraction! And my face was super smooth, more radiant and felt SO CLEAN! The smooth and clean feeling remained for quite a few days and there were no bumps resulting from the extractions~

In a nutshell, the treatment I had was the Luminous Detox Energie Care Treatment 90mins (S$168):

The ultimate skin purification, this diamond microdermabrasion invigorates cellular renewal to treat clogged, pigmented and sallow skin. Designed with a cocktail* of vitamins to refresh the appearance of the skin by aligning skin cells in the top layer of the skin to achieve clean and radiant glow.
(*Differs depending on different skin type. In my case, Energie Care’s cocktail of vitamins was:
 Whitening: Vit C (promotes collagen production), Green tea extract (anti-oxidant, whitening, anti-bacterial, lightening), Chamomile extract (combat allergies), Pentacalmin (anti-inflammatory, repair broken capillaries, anti-oxidant), ST complex )
And now, a little treat for you guys! (For first timers to GLOMAX and by appointment only!)
Just quote "Blogger Rhi" to enjoy Luminous Detox Energie Care Treatment 90mins at only S$88 (U.P S$168)
They're currently running their Xmas package promotions too! You get 20% off a package of 5 treatments & 30% off for a package of 10 treatments! I don't know about you but I'm crazy tempted!! Considering the treatments they offer, I really think the prices are reasonable and I like that they have options for smaller packages~
GLOMAX Aesthetics (Website)
Tel: +65 6225 5193
12 Eu Tong Sen Street#06-168 @ Soho 2 (Beside Swissotel Merchant Court)

*NOTE: This is a sponsored, non-obligatory review. I am in no way affiliated to GLOMAX and my experience and opinions are solely my own. =)

Monday, 21 October 2013

MOE stands for My October Empties!

It strikes me that I have never done a post with products I've recently finished! So for that, here's this month's throwouts~

From L - R: Sleek Makeup Luminaire Highlighting Concealer, Cyber Colors Cell Recharge Snail Serum,
Lovemore Acnes All Out Purifying Mask and DHC Salicylic Acne Toner
It's taken me quite awhile to finish up some of these products like the Sleek Highlighting Concealer because I don't use much each time so I guess they've been really value for money in the price vs length of use department!

I STILL can't decide whether I want to repurchase the Sleek Luminaire Highlighting Concealer... Sometimes it works great, concealing the little blemishes like dark eye rings and light pigmentation so I can head out without foundation but sometimes I have to layer like crazy >_< The good thing is that at S$17, it's pretty cheap~ (Original review HERE.)


Ah yes~ The snail serum. I really didn't think much about the whole snail mucus fad until I got this little gem from Cyber Colors at Sasa! And 30ml lasted me pretty long!

I'll never get over how quickly this serum healed a badly popped zit (*_*) 90% Snail mucus ftw! I usually apply it when I have an emerging or busted zit so it's just 1 pump each time and that 1 pump brings up enough product to spread thinly over the rest of my face as well if I want to. I already have a 2nd bottle on standby and will definitely keep repurchasing! (Original review HERE)


The Lovemore Acnes All Out is a blackhead removal mask set that comes with 3 items, a sebum softener, a purifying mask and an astringent essence. Unfortunately I have abandoned the first and last steps due to laziness personal reasons.
These days, I use The Face Shop Volcanic Clay Mask to open up the pores before using the Lovemore Step 2 purifying mask. Been using it on and off for about 2 years now and I still find the peel off results pretty awesome! (Original review HERE)

Lastly, my latest favorite =D The DHC Salicylic Acne Toner. This toner still does a good job of regulating sebum production and keeping those pesky clogs away from my jawline so I am really pleased! If there was one thing to gripe about, it would be that this range is rarely on sale at Watsons! The other DHC products would be on 20% promo and the Acne range would be sitting pretty with their original prices >_< (Original review HERE)

But at the end of the day, the results matter most and it's still a drugstore brand so it isn't that pricey. It's really cheap in Japan though (half the price!) so check it out if you have a trip planned!

So that's it for October~ =)

Oh yeah! In other news, I've received my first sponsored review invite! Pretty excited for my appointment this weekend ^_^ Stay tuned ok?

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Random Realisations

Just an irrelevant post.

...I just realized from the thumbnails in my 'Popular..' listing on the right that I have many photos that slant to the right. XD At the same moment I noticed it, I realized I had my head tilted to the right as well!

Random pet photo from this year's Tokyo trip ^_^
Is it because I'm right handed? Do left handed people prefer photos to slant to the left and habitually tilt their heads to the left?

Hehe Just one of those random things you notice in a random moment. =P

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

A Body Buffer?

I know it's been a pretty long since my last post~ Sorry for the disappearance but it's been a crazy busy month and honestly, October is looking pretty packed too...T_T

So anyway~ a couple weeks ago I decided on a whim to pick up the Kenassy Hair Removal Puff (with collagen) as I'd been itching to know if it worked for a pretty long while =D In the name of science (and whimsy) I decided this was one of those things whose efficacy I had to find out for myself. =P

Retails at S$10 at Watsons
The Kenassy Hair Removal Puff supposedly removes unwanted hair from legs and arms quickly and efficiently with no fuss no muss. The green side acts as sort of a buffer after hair removal to even out skin tone and reduce pore visibility~

A look at the back of the box info:


So basically you just hold it against your skin and go in little circles~ Here's a closeup of the 2 sides, but you can't really see the difference. The pink side is just a tad scratchier and the blue side is smooth, like silicon.

Tried the puff on my legs~

I think you can see that the hair is pretty much all gone and I will testify that buffing with the blue side did make my skin feel very soft and extra smooth. But the amount of work that went into circling that hair away was pretty tiring! I'm pretty sure I got a decent arm workout~

I later tried it on the finer hairs on my legs and unfortunately, the puff failed to work its removal magic there =\

So in short, the Kenassy Hair Removal Puff:
  • is able to remove the coarser hairs but doesn't do so well with fine hair
  • blue skin smoothening side does the job very well, making the skin smooth (both visually and to the tough) after hair removal
  • the circling action required for hair removal can be quite tiring as it takes awhile to do its job
  • definitely won't repurchase but it's kind of a novelty item...use it when you wanna do hair removal and arm workout at one go~ =P
Have a good rest-of-the-week~!

    Tuesday, 3 September 2013

    Dipping into DHC - Salicylic Acne Toner

    If you've been reading Cottonball Crusade for awhile, you'll realize that I've been using the L'egere ice toner (Initial + followup review HERE) for quite long now and am quite a fan. However I've become increasingly irritated at the lack of stock in shops here! John Little and BHG don't seem to be restocking the Ice toners at all~~~~ ( T_T ) I stocked up a few bottles whenever there was a sale but because 1 bottle only lasts me about 1 1/2 mths, I felt it best to find an alternative.

    After some misses with other brands like Suisai (Tightening Lotion) and Bioessence (Tanaka White) I decided to give DHC a whirl.

    Retails for S$32 exclusively @ Watsons
    This is my first product from DHC by the way, never really knew what to make of their products before ^_^;;

    Back of the box info:

    Overall, I don't really have acne prone skin but the DHC Salicylic Acne Toner, like the L'egere Ice Toner, contains Salicylic acid so I thought that might be the active ingredient for controlling my clog/spot-prone jawline. Also, it states that it'd suit combination, normal or oily skin types so I reckoned it wouldn't be too harsh.

    Here's a look at the ingredients:

     I am slightly comforted by the various natural extracts towards the end of the list. Just slightly. =P

    It's your basic twist off cap with a nozzle dispenser:

    The nozzle controls product quite well so you don't need to be worried about product spillage as long as you're not swinging the bottle around =P

    Even though it's the same product weight as L'egere, the DHC toner definitely lasts longer because of it's liquid form~ Because of that, the slightly higher price doesn't bother me much.

    I've been using the DHC toner for almost a month now so the effect has stabilized enough for me to review it properly =)

    1st week
    I felt my skin become a lot softer. And I mean ALOT. Since stopping the L'egere toner, several (but not many) clogs reappeared along my jawline plus ONE zit. I suppose the fact that it was that time of the month for me played a part?

    2nd week
    Clogs start to fade away SLOWLY. Skin feels super smooth and soft *hearts* Oil control, whilst not as immediate or mattifying as L'egere, is effective. Skin has a healthy sheen without looking or feeling oily.

    4th week
    Still experience the occasional clog or 2 but very rare. Skin remains super smooth and soft to the touch *omg love* My complexion has also developed a sort of radiant sheen!

    In short, the DHC Salicylic Acne Toner:
    • is quite affordable and easily available at Watsons, occasional sales on DHC items will get you 20 - 25% discount
    • 160ml of product should last abt 2 to 3 months by my current estimation
    • suitable for combination, normal and oily skin types - I have combination skin (oily base, slightly dehydrated surface) with no adverse reactions ^_^
    • Leaves a very very slight tacky feel that fades quickly (this doesn't really matter cos moisturiser's going over it anyway)
    • Doesn't have the mattifying effect of L'egere but nevertheless has good oil and sebum control
    • Has a slightly antiseptic & leafy smell, not unpleasant really and it dissipates in seconds
    • Produced the promised softening and smoothening effect within 2 weeks of regular twice a day usage, effect is lasting and very very nice!
    Basically, I'm SOLD. Bye bye L'egere, Hello DHC~

    Monday, 19 August 2013

    Show & Tell - BeBe Lip Mask from The Face Shop~

    On a recent daytrip to JB I bought a batch of random masks from The Face Shop and the Lovely Me Bebe Lip Mask was one of them~ This isn't a new product but I don't usually pay that much attention to Korean beauty products so it takes awhile for me to catch on there ^_^;; Also, the packet was just too cute =P

    Touted as an intensive lip mask for dry, rough lips~

    I was also quite amused at the thought of walking around with white lips for 20min hehe

    It's basically your regular gel type mask with the webbed backing so it fits quite nicely and adheres to the lips well enough to talk quite comfortably!

    After 20 minutes~

    I couldn't really tell the difference until I had the before and after shots side by side (^__^;;) But I can see the improvement. Had expected a more drastic change since it's supposed to be an intensive lip mask but I like how my lips look softer and pinker than before~

    So in a nutshell, the BeBe Lip Mask:
    • easily available since The Face Shop is pretty common in Singapore
    • can't recall the exact price but it was only a couple of SGD so it's affordable
    • applies easily and comfortably, doesn't affect talking
    • leaves no weird aftertaste or feel, the gel absorbs completely~
    • a decent enough quick fix for dry, tired looking lips. Might not be intensive enough for really dry lips though?
    Would I buy it again?

    Hmmm probably for when I need a quick fix... I like that my lips look lighter and pinker but leaving a Vaseline 'mask' on overnight will probably deliver similar moisturizing results.

    All in all, despite the ok results I'm quite taken by the idea of a lip mask so I'll probably pop by the mall later on and check out the others!