Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Not-So-New Olay Advanced Cleansing System =P

Happy December!!! \\\ (^-^)/// With just 2 more weeks to go! How's your Xmas shopping going?

I totally went crazy shopping overseas and went over my budget >_< And the worst part is I haven't gotten a "main course" gift for my Dad yet! Dads are just so hard to shop for when they already have everything~~ (T____T) And on the other end, I bought more than one gift for my Mom! Like wth~~ Oh, in case you were wondering what's a "main course" gift, it's the main bigger ticket item. I like to gift hamper style so there's usually a main item accompanied by smaller "side dishes" hahahaha~~ It just makes me happy to see more packages under the tree y'know? And for the receiver I think it's fun to have multiple packages to open~

Anyway~~~~ my colleagues have recently been abuzz about using Clarisonic as a couple of the girls recently bought theirs and had pretty good results~ Well, Clarisonic is abit too pricey for me to just buy & try so I thought I might start with a more wallet-friendly option first ^_^

Watsons recently had a Xmas sale and my-oh-my the Olay Specialty Cleanser was on sale for about S$35! Done! (Usually retails around S$40 I think.)

Comes with a 20ml sample tube of Olay Skin Renewal Cleanser
Some back of the box info:

As a starter kit it's very comprehensive, batteries included!
As described on the box, the brush head simply clicks on. Pop in the battery and you're all set! I have to say though, that the battery compartment was quite difficult to open >_< Fear of breaking it kept me from wrenching it off and too little strength seemed to get me nowhere =_= It took awhile but I got it done.
Here's a closer look at the brush head:
Not super fine but for S$35 I'm not expecting so much really =\
If you've played with the Clarisonic display, you'll know those bristles are much finer than this budget option but who knows, maybe they'll be good enough? The 2 speed options available on this brush are also vigorous enough for me since I'm quite wary of over-exfoliating~
Well, I've been using this cleansing system for a little over a week now and whilst I still don't see the improved skin texture, it definitely feels very clean and smooth after usage. My skincare products absorb a lot faster too! Usage in colder climates however resulted in very very VERY slight peeling around my lower cheek area and nose, just a tiny little area, wasn't much of a fuss. So whilst Olay may not be an optimal drugstore alternative to the Clarisonic, it does help and it isn't pricey. Replacement heads are cheap too, less than S$10 per brush.
I haven't used the Skin Renewal Cleanser sample that came with it yet, been testing the brush with my own cleansers ^^
So in short, the Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System Specialty Cleanser:
  • Is affordable and easily found in drugstores & dept stores
  • Comes in a comprehensive starter kit including battery and sample size Skin Renewal cleanser
  • 2-speed control & water resistant, battery compartment's abit stiff to open though
  • Bristles are not as fine as Clarisonic's but are not rough on my combination skin. Might be too much for sensitive skin types though?
  • Skin feels immediately cleaner and smoother after usage without the squeaky clean feeling (however this is likely to differ with your choice of cleanser)
  • Usage in winter climate resulted in VERY slight peeling on my nose and cheeks so people intending to travel with this in winter might want to take it easy
  • As expected, skincare products absorbed extra well after using it
  • Is most likely NOT the best drugstore alternative to the Clarisonic but performs ok for someone just looking to test out the system
 I wish the bristles were abit finer but hey, for just S$35, I think it wasn't too bad a buy~ =D