Friday, 7 December 2012

A Teaspoon For Your Makeup Pouch!

This is for all those ladies out there who have trouble drawing a steady eyeline, yes that includes yours truly~ I don't have shaky hands but I often have trouble getting an equal curve on both eyes =\ And you know there are those days when your makeup just REFUSES to cooperate >_< Well, here's the solution to your eyeliner drawing woes!

I wanted to share this video by Sasaki Asahi (佐々木あさひ), she's an awesome Youtube beauty expert whose videos I love love LOVE to watch~ I saw this video a long time ago but forgot about it till I stumbled upon it again recently!

In this video, she introduces the humble teaspoon as a girl's best friend for eye-make! I love this chick, she's so cute!

I'm game for all but the eyelash curling part...>_< Too worried that my eyelashes will just fall off if I 'roll' them along the spoon rim like that. But I was more than happy to test the eyeliner method!

From Left: Handle for the lower curve, Head to shape the top curve~
(Using the KATE Dual Liner)
I realised you can use the head of the spoon for various angles depending on what kind of 'wing' you're looking to achieve~ Pretty nifty hey? ^__^

And tadah~~~~a quick & easy mistake-free winged eyeline!

What do you think? Isn't this just SO EASY? ^o^ And you can doodle on or decorate your teaspoon to your own taste! I bought a cute one from Daiso to bring around in my makeup pouch!

You can check out the rest of Sasaki-san's videos HERE~ ^___^