Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 Best Finds - Top 8

In a few hours, 2013 will be upon us! A New Year: new beauty finds, new fashions, new foods, new friends (maybe) =P At my age, one doesn't make friends easily. But I digress.

Here's a look back on my favourite finds this year! Almost all the items have repeat purchases so you know I really like them~ Just click on the product names for the respective reviews!

(Note: Item listing is in no particular order.)

1 - The Konjac Sponge *click*

For replacing unneccesary cleansers in my routine and starting my skin on the route to recovery and balance, clog-free!! And so cheap!

2 - Biore SaraSara Powder Sheets *click*

The best wet tissue with a fragrant powdery finish for muggy days, post-workout or for a quick freshen up before stepping out!

3 - Mentholatum Organic Certified lipbalm *clickity click*

After trying to many different brands and methods, finally a lipbalm that keeps my lips moisturised and chap-free in all climates, even the -20degree winter~ Best part is it's organic too!

Check out the other 5 candidates after the cut! ^__^

4 - My most recent find - the Kate Powderless Liquid for Cover

For it's easy application, affordability, very decent coverage and the beautiful semi-matte finish! I already bought a 2nd bottle for standby!

5 - Browlash EX Volume Lash Fiber mascara

For granting my lower lashes wishes of easy volume and length!! The slim brush makes application on my short lower lashes a total breeze.

6 - Edward Bess Ultra Slick lipstick

My nude lipstick dream come true. Lightweight, moisturising and solid it's name suggests, 'Slick'. ^_^

7 - Teaspoon for Eyeliner Drawing

No more worries about winging my eyeliner or touching up on the go!


8 - AFC Cho Beauty Inner Cleanse System

Helped me so much with that bloating feeling I had a couple months back, lost a couple kilos in the process too! A tasty grapefruit flavored, non-laxative detox formula perfect for festive seasons when we all tend to enjoy our food a little too much =P Some of my European colleagues tried and loved it too!
It was surprisingly difficult to narrow it down to just 8 =\ I've been trying more things than expected in the past 2 months! I really should stop shopping for awhile >_< But it's been awesome fun and I'm very pleased that most of these potentially HG items came from the drugstore shelves~ Budget beauty rocks!!
So what's your awesome find of 2012? ^__^