Monday, 3 December 2012

Pure Smile Aroma Mask - 3 pieces too many?

Do you still remember the 3-pc aromatherapy mask I got from the BHG sale recently? Well, I've had a busy week full of errands and thought it was a good time to try it out and see if it was as soothing as it claimed to be~

Pure Smile Aroma Mask (3-pc set) - S$6.90 from BHG aLT beauty corner
I was drawn to this because of the range of aromas it had but ended up buying only 3: Rosewood(pictured above), Peppermint and Bergamot. Today I'm reviewing the Rosewood.

Now, I'm a very umm..for lack of a better word, nose-driven person. I'm the type who like to sniff my food, the air before and after the rain, fresh dough..etc. Well, you get the idea. =) So I was really hoping that this would be a really good aromatherapy mask~

Upon opening the pack, you'll see 3 individually packed mask pieces:

From Left: Eye masks (6ml) => Face mask (24ml) => Neck mask (20ml)
Sheet masks nowadays are usually generous with their essence:

Face mask (24ml of essence)
 For the Pure Smile range, all the masks are formulated with collagen, hyaluronic acid and aloe for firming, moisturising and conditioning respectively. The difference is the aroma e.g: the Rosewood mask contains Rosa Damescena Flower Water for lightening spots and freckles whilst the peppermint in the Peppermint mask is purely for revitalising and refreshing the spirit. The essence for this mask is more watery than others(e.g: My Beauty Diary). I much prefer this consistency as it does away with the overly sticky feeling I get after removing sheet masks.

The eye pieces are very large and cover the apples of my cheeks and my temples~

Next comes the face mask:

Definately not feeling so glamorous now....
And lastly the neck piece:

As you can see, this piece doesn't fit so well =/
Left it on for about 25min and after massaging in the remaining essence with a cold jade roller, my skin was looking slightly more hydrated and a little calmer too.
However, I highly doubt I will purchase this again. Why?
  • Pitifully little aroma for a supposed aromatherapy mask, I couldn't smell anything while I had the mask on! Really quite disappointed in this aspect...
  • Hydrating, moisturising or firming effect is similar to most other (cheaper)masks.
  • While I appreciate the extra TLC for the eye area, the neck mask is kinda blah. It doesn't fit very well and tends to fall off if you're walking around or even just sitting upright so for people like me who like to watch tv while 'mask-ing', it's not so nice.
  • All in all, thanks very much but no thanks.
I think I'll stick to my Power Lifting Mask from LoveMore (Taiwan). The ear loops from the face and neck sections are much more secure and gives much better coverage!

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