Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The Tokyo Affair 2014 - Matsumoto Kiyoshi Beauty Loot

Before I left for Tokyo I promised myself that there would not be a repeat of last year's frantic squishing of luggage, desperately trying to fit all my shopping into my bags.....and I did so well this year, that I came back with barely anything! Of course, it also helped to think of my overflowing 'beauty drawer' back home~ XP

Maybe it was because I was there with my husband. I didn't spend as much time browsing and only made 2 trips to the drugstore as opposed to...well...I dunno...8? =P

Let's start with the stuff in sachets!

From left: Choosy lip masks, hot bath salts, whitening bath salts

I'm a big fan of these hot bath salts, feels so good after I soak & sweat buckets! By the time I took this photo, I'd already used 4 packets of bath salts....totally regret not buying more =( But if I get desperate, there's always Nishino Pharmacy or Meidi-ya I guess~

These hydrogel lip masks look yummy and were available in soooo many colours! Everything from nude to reds, pinks and orange shades. They can also double as nipple masks. Yep, NIPPLE masks. I haven't tried them yet though.

Choosy lip masks in Milk and White Pearl (about 100 - 120yen each)
Dual use lip & nipple gel patch!

Formulated with Collagen, Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid, this hydrogel lip pack goes on after the lips are thoroughly cleansed. Leave on for anything between 5 - 30min and then gently peel off lips. Depending on which mask you choose, there are also other ingredients in the formula such as argan oil, grapefruit essence, jojoba seed oil, honey and aloe vera~

炭­酸宣言(tan san sen gen) Sparkling Water Pack - 388yen
This water pack supposedly will help expand the capillaries in the skin, allowing more oxygen to the skin. From my understanding, it basically improves circulation, activating skin cell metabolism whilst cleansing the pores, improving elasticity and moisture.

From the instructions I gather one should mix pack 1 with water then mix in pack 2, at which point a creamy foam will form. Next, immerse your face in the foam for as long or as many times as you want then rinse off with the remaining carbonated water (I'm presuming this is after the initial chemical reaction settles and the foam dissipates.). Pat dry and you're ready for makeup!

Next! Makeup!

(By the way, I am immensely proud that I didn't come back with like 12 different mascaras circa 2013. *fistpump*)

I got a few really basic items like lip gloss and nail polish from Kate cos it was just SOOOO cheap, as always~ And Maybelline Baby Lips in Sweet Beige! Why don't we have this colour in Singapore? Or have I been somehow blindsided again. =\ I actually also bought a lip concealer stick from Canmake...but....I...can't find it....=___=

Kate gloss & polish - 400yen each, Canmake eyebrow liquid - 540yen, Maybelline Baby Lips - 540yen
And then the new Cool BB Spray with UV from Esprique~

Esprique Cool BB Spray - 2,268yen

Cooling BB Spray formulated with hyaluronic acid, collagen and mint essence.....I played with the tester a little bit and only felt a little bit of the cooling effect, maybe it'll be more apparent when used over a larger area. Simply spray on a sponge and apply~
And that, is it for makeup. Amazing right?!??! Talk about downsizing!
In misc goods, I got a couple bottles of these clothes fragrance sprays! They smell SO GOOD! I spritz some on to clothes I'm gonna be wearing the next day or sometimes on my work clothes when they need freshening up. Again, something I regretting not buying more of.
Flair Fragrance - 299 yen (so cheap!!!)
And for my daily aching legs~
Night Aroma Cooling Sheets - 498yen & SlimWalk compression socks - 1,831yen
Now the cooling sheets were a godsend for the trip because they adhered really well and the cooling effect was really soothing on my aching calves~ I simply slapped them on every night and only removed them in the morning =)
The SlimWalk compressions socks/stockings were also pretty great because I have the first ones from Scholl and they were abit hot for's pretty gross to be sweating in them. These new ones are a summertime release and are designed to release any trapped heat, keeping you cool...and compressed! =)
Wow, that was really....not a lot of stuff! =\ *feels overly self-censored* I really need to establish a middle ground.... Well, hope you guys enjoyed this short post!