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The Lowdown

Since this is mainly a beauty blog, I thought it would be useful to describe my skin type for a better gauge on how relevant my products will be to you dear reader =)

My skin tone:

Medium fair; NC25-30 in M.A.C, Beige Ochre in Maybelline, OC-B (slightly more radiant) to OC-D (perfect match!) in Kate, Medium Beige in Kanebo White C BB cream (medium beige is the only shade available anyway)

Skin condition:

- Combination skin. Slightly oily but with a dehydrated surface (according to my beautician)
- Slight problem with clogging along my jawline when my skin is unbalanced.  No more clogging!! Thanks to Salicylic and occasional Glycolic Acid! =D
- Whiteheads on the side of my nose (usually invisible BUT I KNOW THEY'RE THERE!!)
- The occasional hormone-induced pimple =(
- Slightly uneven skin tone & pigmentation from sun exposure

Why a Beauty Blog?

I love browsing drugstore shelves....and trawling through online sales. 70% of the time, I'll get something new and/or interesting, something I could possibly love, something I have to stock up on etc etc. Because I have so much stuff, friends and colleagues tend to ask if I've tried a certain brand or product before taking a closer look themselves.

How long will I use a product before reviewing?

For skincare products, at least a week but I'll usually mention how long I've been using the product at the point of the review. For makeup it'll be shorter, anything up from a first try really.

Where do I shop?

Watsons - Watsons Asia
As you probably have noticed, I'm quite the regular at my neighbourhood branch. =_=

SaSa - SaSa.com
Like Watsons, SaSa carries alot of international brands plus a generous helping of asian brands.

Luxola - http://luxola.com/
Carries a large variety of brands from UK, the States and Europe. My favourites? Edward Bess and Sleek Makeup!

Matsumoto Kiyoshi  (site in Japanese)
A must-go every time I visit Japan 'cos I have a dangerous weakness for Japanese products. The displays are totally overwhelming especially if you're in one of their multi-level stores~ SO MANY THINGS TO LOOK AT!! @_@ You wanna just BUY EVERYTHING!!! True story.

Other online store options:

http://lifestreamgroup.com/ (Japanese skincare, beauty and healthcare supplements)

http://www.beautykat.com/  (Lots of Asian, mainly Japanese, beauty and skincare)

Updated: August 2014