Saturday, 31 May 2014

Pucker Up - Sleek Makeup Pout Polish SPF15

I have....been lusting after a stronger lip colour recently....having nude shades all the time DOES get boring after a few years so I've been hoping to brighten up my look! Previously purchased 2 red shades from Revlon and H&M respectively but....after awhile I decided that they were the wrong shade of red for me =(

Luckily, I was a girlfriend's plus1 to The End of Prohibition party thrown by Luxola on Thursday and got a couple of choice Sleek Makeup lip colours in our goodie bags! One of which was the Sleek Makeup Pout Polish in shade 959 The Afterparty~ (Looks similar to Pink Cadillac on the website but I'm not sure.)

Retails at S$14 on Luxola

Having been quite a fan of Sleek Makeup since they came to our shores via Luxola and Carmine Avenue because of their product range and crazy affordable prices, I was like WHOO!!! when a couple of these babies came tumbling out of the pouch~ Will go through the contents of said pouch in the next post =D

Pout Polish is a range of highly pigmented lip polishes that give dramatic colour and a lasting stain whilst conditioning and protecting the lips with a combination of oils (Jojoba, Avocado, Sweet Almond, Wheat Germ and Shea Butter) and SPF15. I was quite intimidated by the colour in the pot initially but the swatches put my mind at ease.

From top down: 3 layers, 2 layers, 1 layer

The small slim pot is simple, stylish and really easy to carry around! You could probably hide it in your bra if you had no pouch or pockets =P It has a slight Play-Doh-ish smell to it but it's not unpleasant really and isn't noticeable unless you sniff at the pot. I didn't notice it at all during application.

I was able to wipe the swatches off with little effort and a tissue but it did stain my fingers as I'd left the polish on while I took photos.

Alrighty then, polish my pout! (Wax on, wax off comes to mind teehee XP)

I applied a little under 2 layers (hope you understand what that means) and got a very nice lightly glossy shade of rose pink!

Isn't it interesting how brighter lip colours always make one feel like pouting?
I like that the gloss is really smooth (almost balmy) and not too in-your-face, making it easy to wear with light day makeup. AND IT ISN'T STICKY! It also left my lips feeling smoother and more moisturized throughout the day. The colour is also easily buildable to a more dramatic shade for nights out on the town~

The gloss factor doesn't hold up as long as I'd like but the stain does a pretty good job which I'm glad of because I'm a total lipstick eater hahaaaa. Had a drink and was in and out of home about 4 hours later with zero touchups and there was still some pink left on my lips~ yay~

So in a nutshell, the Sleek Makeup Pout Polish is
  • from one the best budget beauty brands in my opinion.
  • comes in a stylish and convenient little flat pot.
  • available in a range of colours (6 on Luxola) ranging from nudes to pinks, peaches and reds.
  • has a slight Play Doh-ish smell that's only noticeable if you sniff the pot.
  • buildable colour delivers dramatic pigment as promised, use as little or as much as you want!
  • polish goes on dreamy smooth with no gooey stickiness and leaves lips feeling moisturized and smooth even after wearing off.
  • gloss factor and colour intensity wears off with food and drink so touchups recommended every couple hours to maintain maximum effect; lip tint does hold up for about 4 hours though
  • lip conditioning and protection with Sweet Almond, Avocado, Wheat Germ Oil etc + SPF15
So glad Luxola held this awesome party!

Would I purchase this? YES. Because I LOVE Sleek Makeup! ( ˘ ³˘)❤ Have a good weekend everyone!!

Monday, 5 May 2014

PureHeal's Galactomyces 90 Ampoule - Galacto-what?

Some months ago, I noticed the new range of Korean skincare at Sephora - PureHeal's. Of course this is no longer new NEW but I've had regular usage of the product for about 4 months now and my satisfaction level remains high (^_^)

PureHeal's products fall mainly into 4 lines:
  • Galactomyces (Radiance) - Whitening Line
  • Propolis (Moisture) - Moisturising and Anti-Bacterial Line (The Propolis 90 Ampoule is incredibly popular, it's always out of stock when I pop by!)
  • Centella (Nutritive) - Anti-aging Line
  • Caviar (Renewing) - Skin Renewal and Barrier Enhancing (dual-function)

Picked up the PureHeal's Galactomyces 90 Ampoule for the fairly ridiculous low price of S$28!

S$28 / 30ml

Contains 90% Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate which is basically yeast fermentation filtrate combined with honey infused with 10 different Korea-grown herbal ingredients. 30ml doesn't sound like much but I used it twice a day, about 1/2 to 3/4 of a full pump each time and it lasted me about 2 1/2 months!

Here's an idea of the size:

 Back-of-the-box info:


5 stars in the wrinkle improvement department!

Some background information here, I've been on the lookout for something to replace my collagen supplements so in the event I get pregnant, I'll have something on hand ready to take care of those pesky laugh lines! Luckily, I encountered PureHeal's just as I was beginning my search~

It's a clear ampoule that dispenses hygienically out of a clear glass dropper. As mentioned earlier, I use 1/2 to 3/4 of a full pump each time. I started out using a full pump each time but I found that it made my face a little over-moisturized aka shiny.

The ampoule spreads well and is absorbed quite nicely after about a minute or so of light patting.

It only leaves a barely noticeable tackiness that disappears after I apply my moisturizer.

So I stopped my collagen pills and started using this ampoule faithfully twice a day before my moisturizer. I noticed the effect very quickly over the next few days. Being a late sleeper by habit, the problem is without my collagen supplements, my laugh lines become really obvious especially when I just wake up. With the PureHeal's Galactomyces ampoule however, I wake up looking really fresh and dare I say, rejuvenated? =D It works well in hand with my Laneige emulsion and extremely well with the Laneige sleeping pack!

Here's the before and after comparison! The first shot was taken the morning after my first usage...both shots taken first thing in the morning after my skincare routine.

I swear the worst part of having a beauty blog is having to show my naked face so often (=___=);;

The whitening effect is very slight and I can't see that big a difference from an overall look but when I studied the shots close up, there were some slight differences.

I'm not sure if it's as noticeable to you but there were a couple of deeper wrinkles on my undereye area that have disappeared and the pores on my cheek look slightly finer too!

So in a nutshell, PureHeal's Galactomyces 90 Ampoule:
  • comes in a nice glass bottle with an easy-to-control dropper dispenser.
  • is an effective moisturizing ampoule at an extremely affordable price.
  • has a very faint floral scent, only noticeable if you sniff at the bottle opening.
  • intensive moisturizing effect doesn't leave skin feeling too oily or sticky.
  • helps skin look rejuvenated and fresh on mornings after a late night or lack of sleep.
  • is light enough for undereye application, helps with undereye wrinkles too!
  • recommended patting motion for absorption takes a little longer than usual so impatient types might find that troublesome.
Would I buy this again? In a heartbeat! I'm actually almost 1/3 into my 2nd bottle actually and intend to pick up a couple more later this week~ I also bought the Centella 90 Ampoule some time ago but haven't seen much effect from that one yet =\