Friday, 29 March 2013

L'Oreal Universal Glow Beautifier - Glow or Blow?

You may recall my previous review of the L'Oreal Universal Lip Glow and how I liked it. So when I came across the Universal Glow Beautifier, on sale again at the Paris Duty Free, I bought it even though there wasn't a tester available.

Here's a look at the product:

Bottom right picture: Product is blended in to the right
The back of the box info says:

'Discover the 1st Universal Glow Beautifier by Studio Secrets Professional. With a sheer coverage and a natural effect, the Universal Glow Beautifier blends with your skin to sophistically enhance your natural skin tone. Your complexion is immediately luminous with a healthy glow, tinted with apricot accents to flatter all the skin tones.

Thanks to its texture enriched in Vitamin C and B5 derivatives, the Universal Glow Beautifier reveals a radiant complexion. Skin is perfectly hydrated and looks supple and bouncy.

Make-up Artist tip: apply your Universal Glow Beautifier alone for a healthy and natural glow effect or under your foundation to enhance its radiance.'

Sounds good right? I will attest that the texture of the product is indeed very smooth, easily blended and quite light. But aside from that?

Left side is clean, no product. Right side with L'Oreal Universal Glow Beautifier blended.
I am sorry but I don't see any differenceee~~~ No promised glow nor radiance =( And as the box info said, 'sheer coverage'....well, it's wayyyy sheer. Dark eye rings and blemishes remain completely unconcealed. (=_=) The hydration provided is slight, my usual moisturiser does better.

In a nutshell, the L'Oreal Universal Glow Foundation:
  • gives extremely sheer (bordering on non-existant) coverage
  • very light hydration properties
  • no noticeable change in my medium fair skin tone's radiance or luminance
  • gave no enhancing properties to my makeup
  • skin is slightly smoother after application so this might be alright as a smoothening makeup base
I was hoping to get a really good light, sort of a tinted moisturiser in this product but.....guess not. =\ Next!