Monday, 11 March 2013

Booty Perk with Pop Pilates~

Trying to lose weight is a constant battle for me T_T because I loveeeee my foodddd~~~ Of course it doesn't help that I'm very Asian and love my rice to death. And the worst part, I'm also pro-potatochip~~~~(  T____T) omg lime and black pepper chips and spicy buffalo wing chips.....*has a homer simpson moment*..... But let's not go there.

Anyway, I wish I had the confidence or less self-consciousness to go to the gym and bounce around but sadly, that is not the case. Instead, I have to work out at home or somewhere secluded until I've trimmed down a little before I can exercise in 'public'. Pathetic? Yes quite, but true story.

One of the best home workouts was from Cassey, a pilates instructor I found on youtube. She's uber perky and talks endlessly throughout the workout so you can be distracted from the screaming of your thighs and glutes! Even though her videos are mostly in the region of 13 minutes, I find you can get quite a good workout if you piece together 2 or 3 of her videos. And trust me, you'll sweat buckets. I did some of these routines in air-conditioned comfort and still sweated heaps~ Here's a couple of my favourites!

There was a time, just a few years ago actually, when I was religiously exercising almost everyday (best shape of my life) but my husband is one of those people who are eternally slim without lifting a finger and dating him kinda threw me off my rhythm and I slowly settled back into being a couchpotato. I was super fit then and I'm totally a lazybum now. Ngaahhhh~~~ *slaps self*

Now that the distraction of Chinese New Year is completely gone (a.k.a all the goodies have been eaten), hopefully I can get into the routine again! I hope hope hope!!! At least twice a week to start with would be nice!

If you're looking to tone up abit for summer, I hope these videos will be useful~ I'm SO gonna try! Ganbarimasu!!!

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