Monday, 4 March 2013

Mascara Mondays - Gafixx Matsuge Gatchly Slim Silhouette!

It was some months ago when I bought this Gafixx Matsuge Gatchly Skinny Silhouette mascara during a BHG sale and because I have too many mascaras already open, it had to wait until now to make an appearance >_<;;

S$25.90 at BHG (also available at Sasa I believe)
 A peek at the back of the box info:
Fake eyelash effect? Really?
I was drawn to the promise of false eyelash effect and I love those mascaras that can be removed with just warm water~ =) But when I opened it, I was a little ummm...put off (for lack of a better word) by the straight wand, as I'm used to thin curved wands, and the slightly thick appearance of the liquid...

But the straight wand was easier to wield than expected! *sigh* That shows that one should step outside the comfort zone every now and then or you might miss out on a gem!

Check out the results:

Top to Bottom: Eye lined and lashes curled -- 2 coats of Gafixx Matsuge Gatchly; curled

Yes I 'before' picture looks like I have almost no lashes >_<;; But I think the results were really nice! I think Gafixx makes my lashes even longer than my previous favourite (Browlash EX Volume Lash Fiber)! The Enamel Black colour of the mascara also makes the lashes stand out more. I think the main difference (aside from length) is the thickness of my lashes after application. Gafixx, having a thicker formula, makes the lash bulkier and thus more obvious. So if you prefer a more natural, 'lighter' look, Browlash is better~

You might have noticed that the mascara promises ultra-light weightless hollow fibers that maintain their curl all day. I had the mascara on for about 10 hours, both indoors and out with no touchups, no curling, pushing with my fingers, nothing. (Plus a tearing up at the movies..) To give myself a surprise I didn't check the mirror for the entire time I was out, yep not even in the washroom. DEDICATION!!! =P Anyway, this is the result at the end of the day:

Still curled!

^__^ yay~ It held up very well and I'm duly impressed~ Previous mascaras I had that gave the thicker lash effect had a tendency to get weighed down at some point of the day and I'd have to give them fresh coats or curlings but with Gafixx, I think I can rest assured for the day out!

In short, Gafixx Matsuge Gatchly Skinny Silhouette mascara:
  • priced like most Japanese drugstore mascaras a.k.a affordable
  • sold in a dept store and dedicated makeup store i.e good chance of sales~
  • not really false eyelash-looking, but gives an extremely marked improvement even to fine sparse lower lashes like mine, so thumbs up!
  • as promised, maintains its curl for a good 12 hours (I believe it can last all day if left on~)
  • the straight narrow wand takes a little getting used for lower lash application but is otherwise not an issue
  • the slightly thick formula means you might get a tiny clumping problem but nothing a lash comb can't solve =)
  • comes off nice & easy with warm water
Would I buy this again? There's a good chance I will because of the awesome curl retention and considerable lash improvement~

Have you found any good false eyelash effect mascaras? =D

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