Monday, 22 October 2012

Nothingness to Somethingness with BrowLash EX Volume Lash Fiber!

I know falsies have by now taken the world by storm (=_= not the best news for people like me who have toes for fingers, can't get them falsies on without struggling for a good half hour at least) but I still love my mascaras and this particular one from BrowLash (although not a new product) is fast becoming one of my favourites~


Retailing for S$24.90 at Watsons, it's not too overpriced from it's original 1,575yen pricetag, making it that much easier to pick off the shelves ^_^  The BrowLash range has been a permanent fixture on the Watsons shelves but buried among all the other Japanese drugstore brands, it might blend into the surroundings abit too well.

The same range includes a Lash Sculpture Long Separate mascara (130% more length!) that I wasn't too inclined to try as it uses a comb type brush...  But anyhoo, this is one of the mascaras with no testers available so I hope this review will come in useful to some readers. Shall we then?

As stated on the package, this mascara boasts a cool 200%  lash magnification, a slim curved brush, removable with warm water and nourishing mascara formula =D Note that application includes the upper side of your lashes~

First, a look at the brush:

I was VERY pleased to find that it wasn't the gooey mess some fiber mascaras turn out to be and after some months of usage, the fluid hasn't thickened and become gloppy like some other mascaras I've owned in the past! This photo was just taken about a week ago so you can see the non-gloppiness of it =)

The brush, as promised, is a slim curved fellow who hugs my lashline very well. VERY. I don't think my eye shape is anything special but I've had angling problems before and this particular BrowLash EX brush is doing beautifully. The tapered tip REALLY helps with the corner lashes.

Now, the dreaded before - after picture:

Left: Curled Lashes  Right: Curled Lashes + Browlash EX Volume Lash Fiber

Both eyes curled and mascara-ed~

This is a quick 2-coat application and you can see why I titled the post Nothingness to Somethingness. Even though it may not strike you as 200% more volume, I'm happy enough 'cos I can totally see the improvement and it's very buildable anyway. I'm especially pleased with my lower lashes and adding extra volume/length is a total breeze~ Removal is a walk in the park too, just douse your eyes with warm water for awhile then gently rub your lashes. The fiber coating just falls off~ Perfect for lazy busy people like me! ^_^

*Note: This mascara does NOT come off well with eye-makeup remover. Warm water works the best and with the least trauma to my lashes.

slightly angled so you can see abit more of the length and framing
Now, there HAS to be a con to this product right? After all, nothing's perfect  Well, not for S$24.90 anyway =P My only gripe with this mascara is that once in a blue moon, a sliver of fiber will get into your eyes and cause some irritation. Nothing some eye drops won't cure though~

Have you tried the BrowLash EX Volume Lash Fiber or the Lash Sculpture Long Separate mascara? I find myself idly thinking of trying out the latter now...oh noooooo....>_<

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