Thursday, 18 October 2012

Tanaka Facial Massage - Beauty at your Fingertips

If you recall, I mentioned the lymphatic facial massage as part of the Asian Skincare Routine in a previous post. Well, here's the promised elaboration~~~

I use the Tanaka routine by Japanese skincare expert Tanaka Yukuko that's really fast and easy~ The idea is that a facial massage focusing on lymph nodes after removing your sheet mask, or with your favourite essential oil or cream, will help absorbency of the remaining essence as well as improve your circulation and help skin cell renewal by encouraging detoxification. However, OVERcirculation is not a good idea for oily or acne-prone skin types as it agitates the oil you might want to avoid this step if your skin belongs to that category.

The following videos off Youtube will show you how~

Video 1 - in Japanese, demo plus a little Q&A from the guests

Video 2 - in English, full length tutorial split into 4 parts. This is only Part 2, which is the one that shows the DIY technique (starts at the 1:45 point in the video).

If anything, this massage is definately relaxing at the end of the day and puts you in the right state of mind for bed. I haven't been doing this long enough to see drastic slimming results but I can confidently say that my cheeks are less puffy and my cheekbones are slightly more defined that before! This was previously just a suspicion of mine until a colleague asked if I was using shading powder on my cheeks =D

I mentioned this massage to a number of friends and colleagues and was surprised that nobody had heard of it. If you've tried this before, how did it work on you? =D

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