Monday, 8 October 2012

Lipbalm Lovin'

I'm not sure how popular lip balms are....non-pigmented lip balms that is. But I find them very useful for overnight flights or quick fixes on a non-made up face. Oh and also for the occasional dry fingertips!

For the record, I've tried Vaseline (which is still alright for an overnight lip mask), Mentholatum Men's Cool Aqua, Mentholatum Deep Moist and that other really popular brand with the yellow and red logo...umm...oh yes Carmex. Yep, didn't work, still have scales for lips. I even picked up a lip scrub from Suisse Programme but that seemed to make my smackers look rougher!

At a suggestion from a girlfriend that I try something with a more organic formula, I picked up the Mentholatum Organic Certified Lipbalm! (S$7.90 at Watsons~)

You've probably realised by now that I'm quite drawn to Mentholatum. Well, can't be helped 'cos it A) is a Japanese brand (made in china though) and B) has a REALLY wide range of lipcare products~

This lipbalm comes in 2 'flavours'...well, more like smells: Raspberry & Strawberry and Lavendar & Orange. I always buy the former 'cos Lavendar (to me) is a scent that belongs in a massage oil or linen scent. As you can see on the package, it's 100% Natural and 97.81% Organic. A quick comparison with the other Mentholatum Organic lip balm proved this choice to be more organic, with a shorter ingredients list.

I have to say, I'm SOLD. I'm on my 3rd stick already, with 2 more on standby just in case it suddenly gets discontinued or something. Really love how it coats without leaving the lips looking like an oil spill but moisturises enough to impart a healthy sheen (almost clear lip gloss-like) to the lips. And for people who have a slightly darker outer lip, it also helped to even out the colour on me~

The only teeny problem with this lip balm is it's softness. It's not the kind of lip balm you can really smush against your lips. Also to note: It's fine rolling about in my makeup pouch but I had it in my pocket one day and the fabric friction caused the twist bottom to move, pushing the lip balm out against the cover...resulting in a balmy lump on the inside of the cap. Thankfully not very messy problem and likely to be a rare occurence.

All in all, I'd say this is my HG lip balm! ^_^

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