Saturday, 27 October 2012

KATE Mineral BB Gel Cream - Is it a gel or cream?

You're no stranger to BB Creams by now but I think this is a fairly recent addition in Singapore...just launched in May 2012~ I was really drawn to the idea of a BB Gel =)

S$25.50 from Watsons

This discovery comes after I've been using my Kanebo White C BB cream faithfully for almost a year which is really good too but when I noticed the almost S$10 difference (Kate is a makeup sub-brand under Kanebo btw), I had to try it!

Available in 3 shades (Ochre-C is the middle child), the Kate Mineral BB Gel Cream is an all-in-one product just like the aforementioned Kanebo BB Cream. Which means it goes on after your toner and replaces your emulsion, moisturiser, essence and UV sunblock (SPF 30 PA++) with coverage to boot. I've made some rough translations from the back-of-box info:

I hope you don't mind my rusty Japanese...>_<

Comes out of the tube looking quite fair but blends right in~

Pretty sweet package I'd say. I like these all-in-one products, makes makeup seem like skincare~ I have to say this BB gel cream does feel very comfortable on my skin and looks very natural too!

I do not like showing my naked face like this!!!!!!!! T___T

As you can see, the coverage is quite sheer and very natural with a slight dewy finish. I have those angry red patches on my skin from trying to squeeze some plugs out just before I started my makeup but you can see that this BB Gel Cream does a pretty good job of covering up most of my assorted blemishes! Just add a small dab of concealer and I'm good to go! Coverage was still there when I got home 6 hours later~

So to answer my title question of the Kate Mineral BB Gel Cream, it's still a cream but I think the gel consistency is quite obvious in the texture, resulting in a more satiny finish compared to my Kanebo BB cream. All in all, I'm quite prepared to make the switch from Kanebo White C to Kate BB Gel Cream~ Just as good and cheaper too!

In short, Kate Mineral BB Gel Cream:

  • Is an all-in-one product (emulsion, moisturiser, essence, UV sunblock and foundation)
  • Offers sheer to medium coverage, will probably look great on people with less blemishes.
  • Dispenses looking quite fair (Ochre-C) but will blend right in after a while.
  • Holds up quite well in our humid weather with little sliding off.
  • Is alcohol and fragrance-free as well as non-comedogenic.
  • Is, imo, a good value for money item.
  • Comes is a pretty cool tube 'cos of the matte black =)

Now that I've tried this, I'd just like to know - Have you seen other BB Gel Creams around? =D


  1. Very nice post. I'm interested in the cream. One question, my skin tone is between NC 25-30, do you think I should get Ochre C or Ochre D? Hope you can help.

    1. Hi Agirl! Glad you liked the post! =)

      You're about the same skin tone as me, so it's likely you can take both shades too. Fact is Ochre C and D swatch quite similarly and I settled on the former as I like to be a tad lighter/'brighter' in the I guess is all depends on your preference~ I usually take the lighter option when caught between 2 close shades and then even out the difference (if any) with my usual powder. But if that's not an option for you then Ochre D should be fine for your shade too~

      Sorry I wasn't able to give you an absolute answer but I hope my little discussion helped~ (o⌒.⌒o)

    2. Oh, thank you so much for your reply. Those are some wonderful points you made. Since there really is no fear of getting the "wrong" shade, I'm getting the Ochre D. I want to wear this everyday as part of my "no makeup" makeup look and I think this shade will give my face a more natural look, whereas the slightly lighter shade might make the cream look more noticeable.

      Keep up the great work with this blog. Since we have the same skin tone, I'll definitely be coming back here often to read up on your thoughts and reviews.

    3. Hi again! =) Glad I managed to be of some help, hope Ochre D suits to a T~ You have a point about the lighter shade being more noticeable though...maybe I shld buy Ochre D next. I like the "no makeup" makeup look too! All part of the grand scheme to con people into thinking I'm a natural beauty (sorta) XP

      I'm really really happy you like Cottonball Crusade =D Thanks so much for the support!

    4. Oh, I like the way you said that, "con" people into thinking we're natural beauties, haha....

      I got the BB cream yesterday and tried it out today and I LOVE it. It controls shine way better than any brand of foundation I've ever tried. Of course I still have to blog, but much less than before. The shade was perfect. It gave me a nice natural color, but I do want to order the Ochre C, too so that I can wear it for when I go to special events and want my skin to be a little brighter in appearance. So yeah, I'm delighted I found your post and got the cream. Thank you!!!

      My only complaints, wish they gave us more product :(

    5. Yayyyy~ glad it's working great for you too!! ^__^ and it's twice as awesome 'cos it's a drugstore brand! but I agree...the tube IS a little on the small side... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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