Saturday, 27 October 2012

KATE Mineral BB Gel Cream - Is it a gel or cream?

You're no stranger to BB Creams by now but I think this is a fairly recent addition in Singapore...just launched in May 2012~ I was really drawn to the idea of a BB Gel =)

S$25.50 from Watsons

This discovery comes after I've been using my Kanebo White C BB cream faithfully for almost a year which is really good too but when I noticed the almost S$10 difference (Kate is a makeup sub-brand under Kanebo btw), I had to try it!

Available in 3 shades (Ochre-C is the middle child), the Kate Mineral BB Gel Cream is an all-in-one product just like the aforementioned Kanebo BB Cream. Which means it goes on after your toner and replaces your emulsion, moisturiser, essence and UV sunblock (SPF 30 PA++) with coverage to boot. I've made some rough translations from the back-of-box info:

I hope you don't mind my rusty Japanese...>_<

Comes out of the tube looking quite fair but blends right in~

Pretty sweet package I'd say. I like these all-in-one products, makes makeup seem like skincare~ I have to say this BB gel cream does feel very comfortable on my skin and looks very natural too!

I do not like showing my naked face like this!!!!!!!! T___T

As you can see, the coverage is quite sheer and very natural with a slight dewy finish. I have those angry red patches on my skin from trying to squeeze some plugs out just before I started my makeup but you can see that this BB Gel Cream does a pretty good job of covering up most of my assorted blemishes! Just add a small dab of concealer and I'm good to go! Coverage was still there when I got home 6 hours later~

So to answer my title question of the Kate Mineral BB Gel Cream, it's still a cream but I think the gel consistency is quite obvious in the texture, resulting in a more satiny finish compared to my Kanebo BB cream. All in all, I'm quite prepared to make the switch from Kanebo White C to Kate BB Gel Cream~ Just as good and cheaper too!

In short, Kate Mineral BB Gel Cream:

  • Is an all-in-one product (emulsion, moisturiser, essence, UV sunblock and foundation)
  • Offers sheer to medium coverage, will probably look great on people with less blemishes.
  • Dispenses looking quite fair (Ochre-C) but will blend right in after a while.
  • Holds up quite well in our humid weather with little sliding off.
  • Is alcohol and fragrance-free as well as non-comedogenic.
  • Is, imo, a good value for money item.
  • Comes is a pretty cool tube 'cos of the matte black =)

Now that I've tried this, I'd just like to know - Have you seen other BB Gel Creams around? =D