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Detox in a Box - is the AFC Cho Beauty for real?

Ah yes. The dreaded ambush of ninja kilos..I know the feeling so well~~~~ *anguished look*

As mentioned some posts back, I've put on some weight recently and so invested in a few of the ever popular short-cut dieting products. Today, I'll discuss one of the more popular methods of slimming: Detox programmes. The product in particular is AFC's Cho Beauty - Inner Cleanse System which boasts 5 patents and the provision of 101 billion FK-23 + Bifidus Bacteria (aka good bacteria that aids in smoother, more efficient digestion):

Now, AFC is one of my preferred beauty supplement brands which is why I picked it. 'Cho Beauty' loosely translates into 'Super Beauty' and, if you've been to drugstores in Tokyo, is one of the gajillions of slimming products available in the land of the rising sun. Purchased from (where else) Watsons on sale for S$66.90 (U.P S$74.90) per box of 30 sachets, I'm now 2 weeks into the intensive detox programe.
While I do not believe that any manufactured products will magically help one shed 20 kilos in, say,  2 months, I DO believe in jumpstarting your system for a more effective diet.

I believe there is no need to explain the idea behind detoxification. It's basically intestinal cleansing so what goes into your body can be fully processed and the riffraff duly passed out. Poor intestinal health can be caused by numerous diet booboos like speed-eating, over-eating, irregular mealtimes, not drinking enough water...etc. All very relevant to us city folk, no? It certainly doesn't help that the percentage of good bacteria in our intestines drops drastically from 95 - 99% to less than 1% after we hit adulthood!

The Inner Cleanse System claims to be able to remove the residual stools that're stuck on the intestinal walls thus making future digestive processes much more efficient. I remember reading somewhere that these residual stools can sometimes make up a few kg of your body weight! Imagine that! >_<

Back of the Box Info:


Well, this isn't rocket science. Bottom line, a clean body is a healthy body. And a healthy body has a higher chance of being a beautiful body! ^__^

Jumping straight into the intensive detox programe, I use the first method of ingestion i.e pouring the contents on the sachet and drinking water inbetween. This is what the contents look like:

Part of the formula includes Yuzu (grapefruit) juice so that's pretty much all you taste downing this. Not unpleasant at all, just don't try to talk while you're downing the powder >_< I made the mistake of trying to multitask and promptly had a choking fit... Not my smartest moment. =\

I did try the mixing into water method once but the powder formed gelatinous blobs in the water which I did not find enjoyable drinking. On hindsight, I think the blobs formed because I emptied the sachet too quickly. But it gave me an idea of how it might settle in my tummy

I arrived at this conclusion from the realisation that I had gone for days without my usual snacking between meals! There was no craving, no hunger, nothing! But let's get back to the main point of this which is DETOX!!
Unlike some other detox teas I've tried, the Cho Beauty Inner Cleanse System does not have any laxative effect. I am very glad to report that within 3 days, I had a very ummmm rewarding bowel movement that left me feeling really clean and alot less bloated. After that point, my 'recycling bin' has been emptying itself on an almost daily basis. Much better from the previous once every 2 or 3 days! You can check if your system is clean by using the 3 second stool check:
image from

If you go on an intensive detox, one box will last you 15 days and I am now starting my 2nd box. The results at this point stand at much reduced snack craving, a less bloated tummy, more regular bowel movement and skin that is slowly clearing up (but I'm not sure if that's due to Cho Beauty or to new skincare products). Since it has proven it's initial efficacy, I'd say it's worth giving this detox system the extra couple of weeks (recommended 8 weeks for intensive detox) to prove itself. With any luck, I might even be able to lose a couple of kilos! ^_^

What are your views on the many Detox in a Box products on the market these days? Have you tried any that were particularly effective? =)

P/S: You can read more about, as well as purchase online, the AFC Cho Beauty Inner Cleanse System HERE~

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