Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Watsons Sale Y'all!!

Today is the Watsons Members Preview sale!! At selected Watsons outlets from 12 to 11pm~ I always take a lot of damage at these sales...and today was no exception =_=

AFC Collagen Box set + Konjac Sponge,
Assorted makeup from Heroine Make, BrowLash and Maybelline

I doubt anyone has never been to one of these but there's basically huge discounts on a large range of products, I'm talking up to 50% with extra bonuses for Watsons members. Not a Watsons member? Pop by if you're a DBS credit/debit holder, you're legit too! =D


  1. never been to any coz always gt super loooong Q! =(
    how long hav u been using the collagen pills? tried the drinks b4? any noticeable differences?
    always wanted to try but mom said shldn't unless neccessary coz have to continue using once started otherwise the effect gonna be like taking slimming pills, u stop & u'll gain back the weight 2x as much. imagine the skin 2x as saggy wif pores 2x as large.... >.<


  2. Hi Sukma!! =D if you avoid the weekend and office crowd you shld be fine~ I usually end up going on weekday afternoons so there's very little queue! At my neighbourhood branch that is.

    I've been taking the collagen pills least a year. Never tried the drinks 'cos I heard alot of them have this fishy smell/taste which is gross =_= but it's true what your mom said, no point starting unless you make it more or less a permanent routine.. With the pills at least you can adjust the amt you're taking whereas with the drinks you don't have much choice. 'Cos I don't think I need to take such a high amt now (i take a little under 1000mg every night) 'cos I'm afraid taking too much now will make my body 'immune' to the effects when I hit like 50~

    Noticeable difference...I think at this point we're still quite young so it's more like a preventive measure for the future so maybe not a huge difference yet. The biggest diff for me is that my laughter lines, y'know the one between your nose n mouth, are more or less gone!! (・∀・)

    1. icic... 1yr, all d while taking the same brand? think there's HTC or something which came in pills as well, tried dat b4?


    2. HTC? That's a phone brand lah~~ lol! I'm not sure which brand you're referring to, but yeah I've been taking AFC ones all the while~ it's a popular brand in Japan and not very expensive so I stuck with it ^^ but I think by now quite a few brands will have collagen supplements, iherb definately has ALOT! =D

    3. the brand is actually Fancl! they call it Fancl HTC something something, lol. sorry ah, was too lazy to find out the correct brand name previously, haha.
      mayb will giv d AFC a try when the time comes. hopefully nt for another 5yrs @ least!

    4. Ooohhhh!!! Lol! I know what you're referring to now~ Seen it before but settled on AFC 'cos it's cheaper, I always grab the box sets which is like S$80 for 6mths =D But yeah, don't think you don't need it yet, a couple more years is ok! ^__^


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