Saturday, 4 October 2014

New In Town - Inglot Cosmetics & the Freedom System lipstick swatches!

A couple of days ago, Polish brand Inglot Cosmetics's first store in Singapore opened its doors in Wisma Atria B1! I don't get out much but like it was meant to be, I had to run some errands yesterday so I popped in for a look! Located along the same row as Lush, facing CottonOn Body, you can't miss it. Oh and also, 10% storewide till Sunday! =D

Once in, a friendly makeup artist (a pretty Malay girl rocking the Inglot blue lipstick, envious much!) came up, introduced the brand to me and escorted me over to the lipstick wall as I was hoping to get a nice pigmented nude (brown, not pink) lippie like my beloved Edward Bess Ultra Slick in Sundown. She was friendly, patient and not too attached to me if you know what I mean so I felt quite comfortable.

Look at all those lippie shades~

Lipstick prices range from S$22 - S$26

Unfortunately, the lipsticks didn't have what I wanted (the nudes were either too sheer for my lips or too frosty sigh) so we tried the Freedom System individual lip squares and found a very nice match in No. 25! =D Yay!! Since they were really cheap (only $12 each), I decided to put together a day to night palette~ Armed with a magnetic board, I set about picking my colours...

Sooooo many shades!!

Inglot also has face powders and concealers ranging from S$22 - 26 as well as a wide variety of shades in the eye and lip colour dept for your Freedom System palettes at S$12 apiece!

So anyway, I ended up with these 3 shades and after adding the Freedom System magnetic case (Starts at S$10 for a single, S$12 for double, S$13 for the trio case...etc) my total was S$44.10 after the 10% discount! CHEAP!!

My Custom Day to Night Freedom System Palette!

After all that excitement (cheap thrills or what lol), I was pretty hungry so I popped over to Domani Cafe at Takashimaya for some brunch (my first and only meal that day) before heading home ^_^ I don't care what people say, I like the food here. Can't remember what the item was named....Sunny something? But it's the only brunch item with the egg, bacon, smoked salmon (which I replaced with more bacon) on toasted muffins ^_^

Explored my purchase while waiting for the food to come:

Simply packaged individual colours and the sleek magnet casing

I really like the case. It's reusable, feels sturdy and the magnet is strong enough to keep that nice frosted lid in place yet not so strong that you need to struggle to open it. Swiveling from either end (as below) is the easiest way =)

Freedom System 3 case - S$13
From Top to Bottom - Lipstick Shade No 30, 25 and 11

The lip colours clip in firmly to the magnetized casing.

From Left - Lipstick Shade No. 30, 25 and 11.

No. 30 looks like it might be a natural sheer red but swatches a slightly coral red-pink. Really pretty!
No. 25 is a nice and pigmented brownish nude, close enough to my Edward Bess Sundown shade!
No. 11 is a lovely warm red that had impact but wasn't too in-your-face. Love!

From Left - Lipstick Shade No. 30, 25 and 11.

Inglot really has a sh!tload of colours for you to pick from so if standard palettes are not your thing, you should definitely try Inglot! The fact that it's so budget-friendly doesn't hurt either!

I lip-swatched No.30 last and left it on while I went in search of brunch. It stayed on through my shopping and then my drink but there was only a stain left after my meal so touchups are required after eating.

Why should you pop by Inglot?
  • Loads of colours for all your eyeshadow and lipstick needs, pigment powders, gel liners, don't forget their new (huge) range of breathable nail enamel!
  • All lip, eye and nail colours come in a variety of finishes; matte, normal, glossy, shimmery, sheer, you get the idea!
  • Definitely swatch, both on hands and lips, as pigmentation & finish differs quite abit from colour to colour. Inglot has disposable applicators at the displays so it's easy to do a quick lip swatch!
  • Budget friendly with lipsticks and face powders at S$22 - S$26, eyeshadow and lip colours for the Freedom System palettes at S$12 each and Freedom System cases sold separately starting at S$10.
  • 10% off storewide till 5 Oct 2014, my 3 lip colours + case only cost S$44.10!
  • Freedom System cases feel sturdy, come in 2 styles (magnet with frosted lid or regular closure with mirror) and different combinations depending on your choice of products.
  • No.30 stayed on for shopping and drink but required touchup after a meal. Does leave a stain though so you're not left with a totally naked lip.
  • Formulated with castor seed oil, shea butter, beeswax and apricot kernel oil, it's fairly decent in the moisturising department. No SPF though =(
  • My selection of colours were more of a gloss finish so didn't emphasise the lines on my lips and were not drying.
  • Only 1 outlet at the moment, kinda cramped, wish it was bigger~ Show 'em some support so they can open more branches!
I wanna hit pan soon just so that I can go back for more hahahaha hopeless shopaholic I know! Hope you guys enjoyed this quick review! Did you get anything on your visit? I'd love to know if I missed anything good! =D