Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Body Shop - Nutriganics Drops of Youth

I have a friend who has fantastic skin. Like tofu. =_= I wish I had his (yes, it's a he) skin but he eats really healthy and always gets his beauty sleep etc so let's face it, I'm just not there yet. When he recently shared that his 2 elder sisters also had good skin and were swearing by this product they'd used for some time, I had to check it out. Apparently his sis stocks up whenever it's on sale so seeing as the GSS is on, it's perfect timing!

So here it is, Nutriganics Drops of Youth from The Body Shop~

Retailing at S$58.90 / 30ml

The usual look at the back-of-the-box info:

I've dabbled with only a few products from The Body Shop before like the Vit E cream exfoliator, Hemp Lip Balm and some moisturizer that I can't recall but those were from a few years back and I was never very impressed so I gave up altogether. So when my friend said it was a Body Shop serum I was kinda like, "The Body Shop? Really?" But when all's said and done, this serum could well be the game changer for me~
Here's an idea of the size of this 30ml glass bottle:
 The serum is quite clear and isn't thick or sticky~
The instructed amount of 2-3 drops is well enough to spread over my face and neck. The serum absorbs quickly, leaving no residual feeling~
I think you can see the difference quite clearly. Especially the spot where the blob of serum had sat for awhile when I was taking the before's extra smooth and soft, see? *points* The overall area too, looks slightly softer and smoother~
The first night I used it, I awoke to really soft & smooth-feeling skin the very next day. That's pretty awesome! I used it continuously twice a day for the following couple of weeks and the effect was consistent with no adverse reactions. It didn't cause my sensitive jawline area to break out or clog either~ While visually I could only detect a slight softening effect, it was more obvious to the touch and also made for nice makeup application!
In a nutshell, The Body Shop Nutriganics Drops of Youth:
  • easily available since Body Shop is everywhere~
  • slightly pricey for such a small bottle but I got about 20% off cos I got The Body Shop members card at the same time
  • glass bottle isn't too fragile but the twist cap tends to loosen easily after awhile e.g often loosens in my toiletry bag when travelling but no spillage yet >_<
  • 2-3 drops more than sufficient for my face and neck
  • product absorbs in less than 5 seconds and leaves no tacky residual feeling
  • softening and smoothening effect is almost immediate to the touch (next day results!)
  • might take longer for obvious visual difference if your skin is quite ok to begin with (because it's an anti-aging product I think this is acceptable)
  • prolonged usage didn't raise any red flags with my combination skin (type: sensitive jawline) *thumbs up*
On a side note, I'll probably be using this in my night-time routine for now to make usage a tad lighter and I prefer to keep things light in the mornings~
I really like the softening & smoothening effect so definitely keeping this because I'm tiptoeing into my 30s and in need of some good anti-aging skincare products!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Of Care and Correction - Etude House CC Cream

Hmmm seems I've been buying more Korean products idea why...maybe it's the lack of pretty, interesting, omgwtfimusthaveit Japanese products being brought into Singapore =\

Today I'm show-telling the fairly new Etude House CC Cream in #02 Glow:

It also comes in #01 Silky, which is the more matte version, but I like a little dewiness on my face so I got the Glow =)

Oooooo Luminosity~
Back of the box info:

Hopefully this'll give you an idea of the size of the tube~
Product dispenses via pump:

It does say apply liberally on the box but too much might be overdoing it as you can see with the swatches below~

The small amount that's dispensed spreads really well so you don't need to go crazy with it~ Once dispensed, you can see the tiny micro capsules in the stark white cream but as you massage, it slowly turns into a pinkish nude-ish shade which then blends into your skin. The end result is an overall fairer, more radiant look!
The cream definitely brightened up my face and evened out my skin tone. Minimal coverage for blemishes and dark eye rings etc though~ I could definitely use this on its own if I'm not going downtown or if I'm having a really good skin day! I've been using this as a base more often though cos I need the extra coverage (^__^;;) and it does make for longer lasting makeup and smoother application~
This would totally be enough for someone with pretty good skin just looking to add a nice made-up luminosity to their face but if you need higher coverage and concealment, this'll just be a base I guess~
In short, the Etude House CC Cream:
  • is a nice & smooth cream with sheer coverage that is not buildable
  • moisturizing effect & sunscreen of SPF30 PA++
  • affordable at about S$25 as I recall
  • instantly brightens up my face and helps even out the skintone, gives the my-skin-but-better look
  • too much product might result in umm over-brightening? This CC cream spreads very easily so you don't need THAT much
  • applies smoothly on my combination skin and stays for a good 5 - 6 hours without touchups
  • lovely dewy base for smooth application and longer lasting makeup
  • been using for a few weeks with no skin issues
  • good for those with pretty good skin looking to add that Korean style luminosity to their look!
For my first CC cream, it's pretty good. I'm quite happy but not sure if I would repurchase because it strikes me as quite similar to the Maybelline BB WaterGel =\ maybe a less dewy version of the Maybelline? What do you think? ( ^__^ )

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Luxasia Beauty Bazaar 2013!

Wallets at the ready people?

Monday, 8 July 2013

Mascara Mondays - Dasoda Mega Volume Mascara!

It's been awhile since my last mascara review and I figured I should get started on some of the items from my Tokyo beauty haul ^_^ In effort to be relevant to my location (i.e Sunny Sweaty Singapore), I picked one that's widely available at the alt beauty corner in BHG, Sasa and Watsons~
This is the Mega Volume Film-type mascara from Dasoda~

Priced at S$25.90
As you can see from that proud golden (=\ looks yellow in the pic) sticker on the top, this mascara was No. 1 (Mascara category) in the 2011 (May 1st - July 31st) @cosme ranking!

Back of the box:

Because I bought this in Japan, there isn't the usual English translation we get in Singapore but what it basically says is:

1. Volume Fiber and Volume Powder (Silk Powder) provides high impact lashes

With just one stroke, give your eyelashes a shot of volume. Sparse, fine or downward lashes get transformed in a flash!

2. Specially-designed 'Spoon' mascara brush to maximize volumizing effect

Mascara brush's bristles length, curve and elasticity have been designed to fully impart volume to lashes. Also the newly developed mascara liquid adheres very well to the brush thus enabling thick voluminous lashes with just 1 stroke.

3. Removes easily with warm water & facial cleanser

No need to use mascara remover, just warm water & facial cleanser will remove this volume mascara cleanly from your lashes therefore it's safe for users with eyelash extensions.

At the end of the info, there's illustrations for application. As with many Japanese mascaras, Dasoda's Mega Volume comes with instructions how to fully utilize this specially designed 'spoon' brush wand~

Let's have a look at said brush shall we?

The idea behind this spoon design is that the concave side is able to hold a large amount of product whilst the rows of longer bristles on the convex side can separate the lashes beautifully~

I was expecting it to be more curved given the illustration on the packaging doesn't really bug me ^_^

With a quick 1 layer application

I was abit worried about clumping at first because the liquid is quite creamy to look at... But look, no clumps! The separating side of the brush works! \( ^o^ )/ By the way, I applied 2 layers on another day but not much difference, just slightly longer lashes.

Close up:

At the end of the day, I took another shot to see how it held up without any touchups.
Whilst the length and volume is still there, the curl has unfortunately not held up as well as the Gafixx Skinny Silhouette mascara. And having seen yet another tearjerker movie that day, I'd teared up a little and rubbed my lower can see how I've lost the product there. But like I said, the length and volume on my upper lashes are still there so it's seems doable in our humid weather.
Pls bear in mind that the product doesn't market itself as the sebum-proof, sweat-proof, cry-proof, rain wind and hail etc-proof type of mascara.
So in short, Dasoda Mega Volume Mascara:
  • Affordable drugstore brand, easily available and in a pretty posh chrome red and black packaging.
  • Specially-designed brush allows for specific action i.e volume or separation
  • Provides easy, clump-free (even on my short lower lashes) application with no irritating fibers wandering into my eyes at any point of the day, even during and after my little cry.
  • Lives up to its promise of volume as even 1 layer makes a lot of difference
  • Curl might need some help after half a day (curler pls~)
  • Product doesn't hold up well IF you cry BUT doesn't leave you with ugly black smudges...
  • Considering our humid weather, it seems to be quite reasonably sebum & sweat-proof judging from the amount of product left on my upper lashes at the end of the day.
  • Removes easily with warm water as promised =D
All in all, Dasoda's still a decent volumizing mascara but compared to Gafixx, the curl-keep factor kinda pales in comparison..but the latter has a rather clumpy formula too so it sorta evens things out I guess =P
Hopefully they'll have the water/sebum/sweat-proof versions in future though cos I do like the brush! =P

Friday, 5 July 2013

Recall of Kanebo Whitening Products

Are you using any of the whitening products under Kanebo?

Image from The Japan Times
Kanebo released a statement on Thursday(yesterday) that it would be recalling 54 of its products after receiving complaints about white patches appearing on some users' skin. There are reportedly 39 cases of these complaints and 15 of the 39 showed no improvement even after discontinuing product usage.

After some investigation, they suspect that it may be due to an active whitening chemical called 4HPB (4-Hydroxyphenyl 2-Butanone), named Rhododenol by Kanebo, thus sparking this recall across its Asian markets.

Japanese cosmetics products are generally very safe and of good quality and this active ingredient has in fact been tested and cleared for use by Japan's health ministry according to Kanebo.

I was unable to find the full list but several reports have the list of to-be-recalled products sold in Singapore:

Brand: Kanebo Blanchir Superior
  • White Deep Clear Conditioner I
  • White Deep Clear Conditioner II
  • White Deep Clear Conditioner III
  • White Deep Milky Conditioner I
  • White Deep Milky Conditioner II
  • White Deep Night Conditioner I
  • White Deep Night Conditioner II
  • White Deep Mask
  • White Deep UV Day Protector
Brand: Impress
  • IC White Lotion I
  • IC White Lotion II
  • IC White Emulsion I
  • IC White Emulsion II
  • Granmula Lotion
Brand: RMK
  • Skintuner Brightening Light
  • Skintuner Brightening Moist
  • Intensive Brightening Essence

I like Japanese cosme products so naturally, I have quite a few that are under Kanebo, all without incident. I was actually quite tempted awhile back to purchase the RMK Skintuner (>__<);;  It's quite unfortunate, this negative publicity for Kanebo...'cos even though there were only 39 reported cases, it IS Japan.
Hope none of you had any bad reactions to these products!