Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Body Shop - Nutriganics Drops of Youth

I have a friend who has fantastic skin. Like tofu. =_= I wish I had his (yes, it's a he) skin but he eats really healthy and always gets his beauty sleep etc so let's face it, I'm just not there yet. When he recently shared that his 2 elder sisters also had good skin and were swearing by this product they'd used for some time, I had to check it out. Apparently his sis stocks up whenever it's on sale so seeing as the GSS is on, it's perfect timing!

So here it is, Nutriganics Drops of Youth from The Body Shop~

Retailing at S$58.90 / 30ml

The usual look at the back-of-the-box info:

I've dabbled with only a few products from The Body Shop before like the Vit E cream exfoliator, Hemp Lip Balm and some moisturizer that I can't recall but those were from a few years back and I was never very impressed so I gave up altogether. So when my friend said it was a Body Shop serum I was kinda like, "The Body Shop? Really?" But when all's said and done, this serum could well be the game changer for me~
Here's an idea of the size of this 30ml glass bottle:
 The serum is quite clear and isn't thick or sticky~
The instructed amount of 2-3 drops is well enough to spread over my face and neck. The serum absorbs quickly, leaving no residual feeling~
I think you can see the difference quite clearly. Especially the spot where the blob of serum had sat for awhile when I was taking the before's extra smooth and soft, see? *points* The overall area too, looks slightly softer and smoother~
The first night I used it, I awoke to really soft & smooth-feeling skin the very next day. That's pretty awesome! I used it continuously twice a day for the following couple of weeks and the effect was consistent with no adverse reactions. It didn't cause my sensitive jawline area to break out or clog either~ While visually I could only detect a slight softening effect, it was more obvious to the touch and also made for nice makeup application!
In a nutshell, The Body Shop Nutriganics Drops of Youth:
  • easily available since Body Shop is everywhere~
  • slightly pricey for such a small bottle but I got about 20% off cos I got The Body Shop members card at the same time
  • glass bottle isn't too fragile but the twist cap tends to loosen easily after awhile e.g often loosens in my toiletry bag when travelling but no spillage yet >_<
  • 2-3 drops more than sufficient for my face and neck
  • product absorbs in less than 5 seconds and leaves no tacky residual feeling
  • softening and smoothening effect is almost immediate to the touch (next day results!)
  • might take longer for obvious visual difference if your skin is quite ok to begin with (because it's an anti-aging product I think this is acceptable)
  • prolonged usage didn't raise any red flags with my combination skin (type: sensitive jawline) *thumbs up*
On a side note, I'll probably be using this in my night-time routine for now to make usage a tad lighter and I prefer to keep things light in the mornings~
I really like the softening & smoothening effect so definitely keeping this because I'm tiptoeing into my 30s and in need of some good anti-aging skincare products!


  1. use water the same way like you did in B/A.
    Same result.

    1. Really? Lol never thought to try the same with just water but that's definately going on the 'good to know' list~


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