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Mascara Mondays - Dasoda Mega Volume Mascara!

It's been awhile since my last mascara review and I figured I should get started on some of the items from my Tokyo beauty haul ^_^ In effort to be relevant to my location (i.e Sunny Sweaty Singapore), I picked one that's widely available at the alt beauty corner in BHG, Sasa and Watsons~
This is the Mega Volume Film-type mascara from Dasoda~

Priced at S$25.90
As you can see from that proud golden (=\ looks yellow in the pic) sticker on the top, this mascara was No. 1 (Mascara category) in the 2011 (May 1st - July 31st) @cosme ranking!

Back of the box:

Because I bought this in Japan, there isn't the usual English translation we get in Singapore but what it basically says is:

1. Volume Fiber and Volume Powder (Silk Powder) provides high impact lashes

With just one stroke, give your eyelashes a shot of volume. Sparse, fine or downward lashes get transformed in a flash!

2. Specially-designed 'Spoon' mascara brush to maximize volumizing effect

Mascara brush's bristles length, curve and elasticity have been designed to fully impart volume to lashes. Also the newly developed mascara liquid adheres very well to the brush thus enabling thick voluminous lashes with just 1 stroke.

3. Removes easily with warm water & facial cleanser

No need to use mascara remover, just warm water & facial cleanser will remove this volume mascara cleanly from your lashes therefore it's safe for users with eyelash extensions.

At the end of the info, there's illustrations for application. As with many Japanese mascaras, Dasoda's Mega Volume comes with instructions how to fully utilize this specially designed 'spoon' brush wand~

Let's have a look at said brush shall we?

The idea behind this spoon design is that the concave side is able to hold a large amount of product whilst the rows of longer bristles on the convex side can separate the lashes beautifully~

I was expecting it to be more curved given the illustration on the packaging doesn't really bug me ^_^

With a quick 1 layer application

I was abit worried about clumping at first because the liquid is quite creamy to look at... But look, no clumps! The separating side of the brush works! \( ^o^ )/ By the way, I applied 2 layers on another day but not much difference, just slightly longer lashes.

Close up:

At the end of the day, I took another shot to see how it held up without any touchups.
Whilst the length and volume is still there, the curl has unfortunately not held up as well as the Gafixx Skinny Silhouette mascara. And having seen yet another tearjerker movie that day, I'd teared up a little and rubbed my lower can see how I've lost the product there. But like I said, the length and volume on my upper lashes are still there so it's seems doable in our humid weather.
Pls bear in mind that the product doesn't market itself as the sebum-proof, sweat-proof, cry-proof, rain wind and hail etc-proof type of mascara.
So in short, Dasoda Mega Volume Mascara:
  • Affordable drugstore brand, easily available and in a pretty posh chrome red and black packaging.
  • Specially-designed brush allows for specific action i.e volume or separation
  • Provides easy, clump-free (even on my short lower lashes) application with no irritating fibers wandering into my eyes at any point of the day, even during and after my little cry.
  • Lives up to its promise of volume as even 1 layer makes a lot of difference
  • Curl might need some help after half a day (curler pls~)
  • Product doesn't hold up well IF you cry BUT doesn't leave you with ugly black smudges...
  • Considering our humid weather, it seems to be quite reasonably sebum & sweat-proof judging from the amount of product left on my upper lashes at the end of the day.
  • Removes easily with warm water as promised =D
All in all, Dasoda's still a decent volumizing mascara but compared to Gafixx, the curl-keep factor kinda pales in comparison..but the latter has a rather clumpy formula too so it sorta evens things out I guess =P
Hopefully they'll have the water/sebum/sweat-proof versions in future though cos I do like the brush! =P

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