Monday, 19 August 2013

Show & Tell - BeBe Lip Mask from The Face Shop~

On a recent daytrip to JB I bought a batch of random masks from The Face Shop and the Lovely Me Bebe Lip Mask was one of them~ This isn't a new product but I don't usually pay that much attention to Korean beauty products so it takes awhile for me to catch on there ^_^;; Also, the packet was just too cute =P

Touted as an intensive lip mask for dry, rough lips~

I was also quite amused at the thought of walking around with white lips for 20min hehe

It's basically your regular gel type mask with the webbed backing so it fits quite nicely and adheres to the lips well enough to talk quite comfortably!

After 20 minutes~

I couldn't really tell the difference until I had the before and after shots side by side (^__^;;) But I can see the improvement. Had expected a more drastic change since it's supposed to be an intensive lip mask but I like how my lips look softer and pinker than before~

So in a nutshell, the BeBe Lip Mask:
  • easily available since The Face Shop is pretty common in Singapore
  • can't recall the exact price but it was only a couple of SGD so it's affordable
  • applies easily and comfortably, doesn't affect talking
  • leaves no weird aftertaste or feel, the gel absorbs completely~
  • a decent enough quick fix for dry, tired looking lips. Might not be intensive enough for really dry lips though?
Would I buy it again?

Hmmm probably for when I need a quick fix... I like that my lips look lighter and pinker but leaving a Vaseline 'mask' on overnight will probably deliver similar moisturizing results.

All in all, despite the ok results I'm quite taken by the idea of a lip mask so I'll probably pop by the mall later on and check out the others!

Friday, 9 August 2013

Eating in Singapore - Arteastiq Lovin'

I've recently taken to Arteastiq, a boutique tea lounge, after a friend's recommendation. It'd piqued my interest before but I got distracted =P Being a tea person, the fact that the drinks and desserts menu revolves around tea made it totally up my alley~

Situated at the end of Mandarin Gallery's 4th floor~

They also have an art studio sectioned off for customers to oil paint and show off some artistic flair~ You can check out session prices at!

I really dig the concept and though I've only been there just to dine & chill out, I'm really keen to give the painting a go sometime!

The place seats about 85, so it isn't huge. My favourite spot is along the windows so I can people-watch and bask in the sun while having my tea & eats ^___^

Ahh~~ the life~~ ヽ(○´∀`)ノ♪

My favourite Mint & Lemongrass Tea~ ( ^ - ^ )

And hehe =P some random photos of our meal... ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

The atmosphere is pretty yet relaxing and the staff are mostly friendly so I usually end up spending quite a few hours there especially if I'm with girlfriends~ Prices are reasonable too, a drink and brunch item will probably set you back about S$30+?

And lastly, my happy self with the pretty wallpaper! (─‿‿─)


I have eyebags the size of my eyes here ლ(>__< ლ) arrrhhhhh~~~

Random end note: I love my new wedges from H&M~ =D