Wednesday, 28 November 2012

A quick look @ L'egere Pure Aqua Pore Tightening Ice Toner~

As you've probably seen from the BHG sale loot some posts back, I bought the L'egere Pure Aqua Pore Tightening Ice Toner (what a mouthful, try saying that 10 times quickly =P) after some raving from a girlfriend. As I've only just started using it for about a week, it hasn't yielded the desired results (i.e small small smallerrrrr pores, which is quickly becoming something of an urban legend to me) yet but it's enjoyable enough for me to want to share a quick peek!

Product in question:

S$27.90 from BHG's aLT beauty corner

Labelled 'Suitable for all skin types', this product is designed to:
  • sooth, heal and hydrate tired skin with the rich mineral and vitamin content of pure Alaskan glacial water
  • tighten pores and control sebum secretion with the patented P-Refinyl Pore Tightening formula 
  • reduce redness & swelling, unblock clogged pores and kill acne-causing bacteria with salicylic acid
Used before makeup, it's supposed to keep the shinies in check and help your makeup stay put. For me, the shine control and cooling effect was very attractive given the hot weather in Singapore~

As you'll see in abit, Legere's not kidding about the 'ice cooling' bit.

Peek at the back-of-the-bottle:
Most information already covered before page break.
Note 'How to Use': Do not spray on the face directly.

Instructions are easy, just shake 4 - 5 times gently and spray on a cotton pad.

The nozzle already looks pretty cool =p

You should get a sherbet looking mound of toner looking like this~

Foooo~~~~ So cold!!! (^_____^)
Seriously, look at that! Doesn't it look so nice and cool~~~~ ^o^ You squish the mound flat on your cottonpad and pat all over your face. My fellow puffy-eye sufferers can also pat gently around your eyes for some welcoming eye relief~

But note the instructions: don't get overzealous and spray the toner directly on your face, you'll get frostbite, I kid you not. I had originally taken some before and after photos...but there weren't any significant differences to speak of so I shan't bother posting..=\ I'll wait and see if continued use will yield any results...

But in the meantime, INITIAL usage notes are:
  • really very cooling and soooooo refreshing in the morning and on a hot day
  • skin is instantly mattified and oil secretion is lesser for the day
  • pore minimizing effect varies as my girlfriend swears an almost immediate effect while mine are still gaping after a week's use (at this point, I'm not impressed.)
  • and 6 yr-old alter-ego enjoys spraying this sherbety stuff =P
  • considering the strong mattifying effect and oil control, I'm not so sure it's for ALL skin types, probably better for combination - oily types?

I'll keep using it though, and hopefully get some results. 'Cos the nice cooling, mattifying effect, although very enjoyable, isn't really worth a repeat purchase~

Have you used this product? Did it work for you? =)

Update: Check out my followup review for this product HERE! =D