Monday, 12 November 2012

Banishing the Black-eye~ (temporarily =P)

Before you get all excited and think I've found the holy grail for eradicating undereye circles, I have to be honest and say THIS IS NOT IT. Sorry y'all~ ^_^

But this is still a pretty good find, especially for people who're sensitive about the fine lines around the eye area like me.

S$19.90 at Nishino Pharmacy, Sasa and selected Watsons

What I have here is the K-Palette 0Kuma (Zero Kuma) concealer in yellow beige~ It's been in Singapore since early 2012 but somehow I didn't notice it, despite the cute packaging, till now =_=..

Available in 3 shades altogether:

01 Natural Beige - for light undereye circles, contains hydrating ingredients for the your delicate undereye area (Rosewater, Super Lower-molecular Hyaluronic acid & Water-soluble Collagen)

02 Yellow Beige - for undereye circles caused by pigmentation or skin dullness, contains brightening ingredients (Vitamin C Derivative, Chamomilla Recutita Extract & Prune Extract)

03 Orange Beige - for undereye circles caused by poor blood circulation, contains ingredients to relief tired eyes and improve blood circulation (Swertia Japonica Extract, Silver Birch Leaf Extract & Amino Acid)

It must have been one of my easily-excitable days 'cos I COMPLETELY missed out the rest of the label, only "Dark Circles + Dull Skin and Pigmentation?' registered... *deflates* So I thought it was an undereye concealer that would be good for pigmentation too.


I attribute my dark circles to late nights = circulation? So I should have taken the 03 Orange Beige..or even 01 Natural Beige for the hydrating factor! But! This is performing alright for me so I'll just finish it instead of forcing it on giving it to a girlfriend =)

Let's see how it looks out of the tube shall we?

It's a lightweight concealer that doesn't end up with the cakey look, and thankfully doesn't emphasize the fine lines near my eyes much~ I also like that it's formulated with different serums for the different undereye concerns!
Sorry my right eye looks really wonky here >_< no idea why!! T_T
It does a pretty good job of concealing the dark circles (granted that mine aren't THAT dark) as well as the slightly reddish rims of my eyes. The only portion it didn't do so well with was the blue/green-ish tone under my left eye, the yellow in the concealer could only lighten it so much that it was less noticeable but I could still see it =\ Maybe the orange beige will be better? But in general I felt my eye area did look instantly brighter and the concealer stayed put through a good 7 hours of work before I felt I needed a slight touchup.
Speaking of touchups, I don't buy into the whole using the tube as an applicator bit. Seems rather icky, can you imagine little invisible-to-the-naked-eye skin cells decomposing on your applicator or *gulp* IN the product container? So even though the tube is designed with the slanted tip for 'easy application', I still squeeze a dap on my ring finger and go from there. The concealer is easy to blend so no worries there~
In short, K-Palette ZeroKuma concealer:
  • delivers on its promise to brighten the eye area whilst concealing undereye circles. Note that the colour/tone of your dark circles will vary results.
  • is likely to work for dark circles caused by pigmentation as I also use it for pigmentation around my temples and it conceals just fine.
  • fairly lightweight formula that doesn't emphasize fine lines. (That said, I wouldn't recommend it if you have a dry undereye area. If dryness is an issue, try the Natural Beige for the hydrating properties!)
  • is an above average concealer for an average price! ^__^
Do you know of any other above average concealers for an average price?