Monday, 5 November 2012

Lazy Lazy Lazy Day Out...

Dropped by Luxola for the Edward Bess Open House last week...since it was just a quick run downtown I couldn't be bothered to dress properly..yes LAZY I know~ So I decided to go for a pyjama look, not too far from the truth since I got up quite late that day =P

The Husband was kind enough to drive me down and sat quietly through the session while I ooh-ed and ahh-ed over the makeup~

heart-shaped shadow in the car~

This was one of the few times I tied my hair. I have a big face so I ALWAYS want my hair down to hide it's been SO HOT this couple of days I did a side ponytail with my new hair-thingy from H&M =)

Pyramid studs! I LOVE STUDS!!

This is my PJ look:

Do I not look like I just rolled out of bed? The long back of my pullover makes it look like nightshirt =)

I'm a lousy model and The Husband's not much of a photographer.
An unfortunate combination.

I still like all my accessories very much. Even though I don't wear the multitudes of them as often as I used to...

I have troll feet, sorry!!

The Breakdown:

Assymetrical pullover - KappAhl
Black slip inner - H&M
Invisible sandals - H&M
Canvas clutch - H&M Home
Necklace - Diva
Fox, Hare & Thorns trio ring (worn separately here) - J&Co
Wishbone pearl & chain bracelet (worn as ring) - Accessorize

I really like my invisible sandals, reckon they help add a teeny bit of edge to whatever lazy outfit I decide to throw on. Of course accessories are important too =)

What about you? Do you have a particular item to jazz up lazy outfit days? =D

oh! oh! Let me end my post with my yummy late lunch shot!