Monday, 26 November 2012

Makeup for Heroines : Impact Framing

I'm sure you are no stranger to Heroine Make. This popular brand has been in Singapore for some years now but I think this is my first product from Heroine Make!

Heroine Make Impact Frame & Curl mascara S$23.90
Are we surprised at all that it's (yet another) mascara?

As usual, let's take a peek at the back-of-the box info!

A look at the brush~

Separating brush on the left end, long toothed comb on the right~

Let's see how it performs~ I have eyeliner + mascara (quick 2 coat application) on the left eye and just eyeliner on the right: 
Now both eyes!


I've read some forums where users have stated some concern for Heroine Make's mascara being quite stubborn when it comes to removal, that's why they have their own Mascara Remover. I used my usual Maybelline Gentle Eye & Lip makeup remover and it worked fine! The back-of-the-box info actually states that any oil-based remover should do the trick. Just soak your cottonpad with the remover and press against your closed eye for about 20 seconds or so then slowly wipe in one direction, repeat until makeup is gone.
I was out and about for about 6 hours without touching up or recurling my lashes and I feel the curling polymer held up quite ok~
So in short, the Heroine Make Impact Frame & Curl mascara:
  • holds it's curl well enough and doesn't smudge in Singapore's medium muggy weather.
  • minimal clumping issues
  • can be removed using an oil-based makeup remover (exercise patience, be gentle with your lashes~)
  • has a rather versatile brush for different parts of the eye but I much prefer the slim curved brush from Browlash EX Volume Lash Fiber.
  • is the average price of a Japanese drugstore brand mascara, pretty good bang for your buck~ =)