Friday, 2 November 2012

Why Edward Bess, what a nice Glow you have!

I was browsing Luxola last week~~ Luxola, by the way, is an online cosmetics and skincare store that stocks the likes of Dr Jart, Estelle & Thild, Korres, Edward Bess and Petronille Cosmeceuticals just to name a few. They were having a pretty sweet 25% store-wide discount just before the weekend and I had to grab something. Something, anything. Com'on it was 25%!

Needless to say:

I once told a friend that I am my own best enabler *sigh* so true..

There were quite a few items that caught my eye, would have loved to try the Petronille Regenerative Night Cream with the Anti-Oxidant booster but it was sadly out of stock so I settled for something new in my makeup lineup, illuminators~~

Edward Bess 'All Over Seduction' Face Illuminator
(Right: Sample of Korres Wild Rose 24hr Moisturising & Brightening Cream)

I've heard very nice things about the Edward Bess range and fans of this young model-turned-makeup entrepreneur include stars like Courtney Cox, Jennifer Lopez and Farrah Fawcett~ Here's a little article about Mr Bess for those who're interested~

All Over Seduction comes in 2 colours: Sunlight and Afterglow. Retailing at S$48 but down to S$36 after the discount!

Left to Right: Sunlight and Afterglow

I suffer from what I call DCS: Dual Colour Syndrome. Couldn't decide with one I liked better so I got both! ^_^ The product comes in little flat black plastic pots, each with its own little pouch to keep the exterior scratch & fingerprint-free.

The two swatch very similarly with Sunlight being more pearl-like and Afterglow a tad bit warmer. You can't really see the difference side by side unless you tilt at an angle like this:

Left to Right: Sunlight and Afterglow

I was a little bit disappointed that the shades turned out to be so similar but I understand that they are illuminators after all. Given the warmer shade, I reckon Afterglow can be used as a blusher if I'm just popping out for a quick errand. Those with more tanned skin will probably prefer Afterglow whereas those with fair skin can choose depending on their make-up (e.g warm or cool).

None of the reviews I'd looked up prior to my purchase had a before and after shot so I thought I'd include one just for my fellow illuminator virgins. (Please excuse the frumpy hair >_<)

Wearing Afterglow on brows, inner eye, nose, cheeks and upper lip cleft

Can you see the difference? I have to say =\ the glow doesn't photograph very well indoors...I think the light wasn't in the right place.. Or was I too stingy with it? It looked quite good in the mirror but just didn't come through in the photos...maybe because my Laneige emulsion already imparts a dewiness to my face. The extra defination to my nose and upper lip was quite obvious and the sheen was really pretty and natural! (If you cover my face and compare nose to nose, lip to lip, you should be able to see a slight difference.) As stated in the product description: 'Illuminates the complexion with a sheer, natural colour giving you an instant glow and a flawless finish to your look.' Well, I'll drink to that =) *sips her coke*

I popped this on before heading out to lunch over the weekend. It was a sunny day and I was out for about 3 hours with just a layer of Maybelline Minerals liquid foundation under a layer of Afterglow. When I got back, the sheen had lessened quite abit as I'd broken out in a light sweat. It might stay on better if used with primer but I'm not comfortable with so much product on so guess I'll just have to deal with reapplying.

In short, the Edward Bess All Over Seduction:
  • Has a lovely texture. Non-greasy but so smooth and blendable that you can't really tell where it starts or stops regardless of how much you layer.
  • Not super obvious, definately the promised subtle glow. Not for those who like it strong.
  • Will do quite nicely on both an unmade and made up face (who can resist the extra glow!).
  • Works great on collarbones!
  • Will slide off if you have combination/oily skin and you're out and about in the sun.
  • Definately travel size.
  • Might be abit pricey for some considering the amount of product you get (S$48 for 1.5g / 0.05oz)
You can check out more Edward Bess products off (free delivery within Singapore, paid shipping to Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand), or if you're in the States, drop by Neiman Marcus or Bergdorf~

Check out the full range at! =D

What do you think of using illuminators/highlighters in our humid climate? Am I running the risk of looking like a shimmery oil slick? >_<