Monday, 19 November 2012

Be Poreless like the Egg Duke?

I absolutely MUST tip a hat in Japan's direction for constantly churning out these adorable mascots! The Egg Duke is the poster boy for Naris Up's Pore Clean Pack with Eggshell essence and Charcoal~

This be the Egg Duke~
Available at Sasa and random beauty stores (I bought mine from British Essential) for S$14.90, I understand that there was a 2-step version available before this that separated the eggshell essence's sebum-softening and the charcoal's cleansing. Don't fret, judging from reviews the effect seems to be more or less the same.

First up, back of the box info:

 Designed for use on the T-zone and chin, I was looking forward to some good results on the irritating whiteheads residing under my lower lip! (Am I the only one who has those??) The 20g tube states that contents will suffice easily up to 30 times use.

The product dispenses out of the tube like any other black mask i.e generally gooey but spreadable. It dries quite quickly, in about 15min in our humid climate.

My lips were clenched like that the entire time in hopes of removing the whiteheads there >_<
(Also, please ignore the mess behind me...)

Peeling it off was surprisingly easy. I suppose it's due to the softening effect of the eggshell essence? Unlike some other charcoal peel off masks I've used (e.g Kose Sekisho Mask White), this came off painlessly and effortlessly~ The skin underneath also felt softer, not aggravated at all.

Unfortunately, it didn't do a very good job with the whiteheads and blackheads...

Nose strip, which usually will have the best results..

I could see a few whiteheads and some dead skin cells but that was it. Comparing this strip to the results off the New Zealand Kiwi Acnes All Out set, there's no competition. Visually, there wasn't a huge difference either...

I think it's more suited as a gentle dead skin lifter given the slightly brighter tone my skin had after using. Look carefully and you can see some spots are lighter in the 'after' photo. So if you look at it from that angle, I think it's not so bad a purchase. =)

In short, the Naris Up Pore Clear Pack is:
  • More of a gentle dead skin lifter than a hardcore stubborn blackhead and plugs remover.
  • Excellent in the skin softening department due to the eggshell essence.
  • Very easy to remove, no scraping at the edges required~ No pain during the peeling = lesser skin trauma!
  • At S$14.90, an ok purchase for the skin brightening effect, not so much for blackhead removal.
I can't decide if it's worth repurchasing this pore clear pack. Do you think a product is still acceptable to repurchase if it doesn't do what it's supposed to but has alternative benefits?