Friday, 19 October 2012

Kiwi Quicky?

Hi! How's your week so far? ^_^ I'm having a busy week running errands all over town, which translate into breaking into a sweat abit more than I'd like. Hope yours is going nice and slow~~

Today I bring to you a product I've been using on and off for about 6 months. It's from Lovemore, a Taiwanese brand popular for their wide range of masks. I picked up the New Zealand Kiwi Acnes All-Out Set for S$24.90 at Watsons out of curiousity and because once again, my blackheads were calling for attention.


What this is supposed to do is help clear acne-prone skin of dead skin cells and blackheads whilst the kiwi extract serves to lighten dark patches caused by acne and leave the skin clean but not dry.


The inside of the box:

Steps are very simple:
1) Massage the Sebum Softener into area of concern (e.g T-Zone) for 1 - 2min then wash off. (The Sebum Softener is very essential to the process as I tried the Purifying Mask without it once and didn't get zilch off.) 
2) Lightly towel off excess water then apply the gloppy but very nice kiwi-ish smelling Purifying Mask.
Wait for 20 - 30min for the mask to dry then peel it off in an upwards motion. It might hurt a little but it's worth it!

You should be looking at something with pretty awesome results like this. (and I don't have very oily skin, imagine what this'd look like if I did!)

3) Wash off the mask residue and apply the Astringent Essence to minimise the pores. This step I usually skip as I am just lazy always follow up with a toner.

And that's it, done! =D Now feel free to admire the results for the next 20 min or so~

I realise there are 2 schools of thought to the whole extraction gig. On 1 end, some refuse to do any extraction as they believed it will aggravate the skin and enlarge the pores whilst others believe that extraction is necessary to cleanse the pores and minimise the chances of inflamation. How about you dear reader? Are you for or against extraction procedures?

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