Tuesday, 28 May 2013

WIWT - Weekend Edition

Hello hello~ How was your long weekend last week? For those not in SE Asia, last Friday was Vesak Day (a Buddhist holiday) so everyone got a long weekend! Gladly, I was in the country and able to spend the time with my family!

It strikes me that it's been quite awhile since my last outfit post so I might as well =) Umm...I'm not terribly fashionable but I like to think I'm stylish enough =P So if you will please indulge me~


Rundown: Went to town and hung around people-watching while waiting for the husband to finish up a meeting. Walked around some more, had a bite and caught Iron Man 3 after he was done! (The show was awesome btw. Robert Downey Jr never disappoints, he's like another Johnny Depp almost!)

I took photos at my lift landing because I'm crowd shy and taking photos in public just makes me even more awkward than I already am >_<

My collarbones decided to make an appearance that day =)
Please say Hi to my girls, Ben & Miko! ^^
(Awkkkwarrrrd~~~~ >_<) I had light makeup on that day because I was lazy rushing for time, hope I could carry a fresh-faced look! Also, I'm really digging the dango bun hairstyle ever since I finally figured out how to get it nice, neat and high without tying it 682583 times! Finally I have an updo that's easy and versatile~
 Studded ribbon clip from Forever 21~
Accessories for the day

Last but not least, my latest pair of boots from Tokyo~ They were a random find, on sale because they were the last pair and in my size! *hearts*
I like them so much they get 2 shots =P

Swallowtail pullover - KappAhl
Shorts - Forever 21
Boots - no brand (Random shoe shop in Shibuya)
Bag + Bag charm - Agnes b.
Watch - Thomas Sabo
Bracelets (anti-clockwise from top left) - Far East Plaza, H&M, Pandora
Rundown: Popped out for a wedding lunch in town then back by evening because the husband had to work T_T so I get to spend the rest of my Saturday lounging around the house procrastinating.
It was my first time to a wedding lunch so I was slightly lost about what to wear. I have very very few clothes that belong in the grey area known as 'smart casual' so I ended up in a really simple cotton swallowtail dress from Gina Tricot :

No face because the humidity completely destroyed my hair =( And I was looking so nice when I just left the house too! *sulks* See!!!

Nice right? Zero zilch sans photoshopping!
I really liked my makeup on Saturday~ Had on the new lashes from Tokyo and they're quite perfect, not too in-your-face ^_^
Products used were:
  • Clearlast Pore Smooth Base UV
  • Kate Powderless Liquid Foundation in shade OC-D
  • Gafixx Skinny Silhouette S302 mascara
  • RiPi れるまつげ false lashes in RP-05 Pure Natural
  • Sleek Makeup Blush by 3 in Lace (used shade Guipure)
  • Edward Bess Ultra Slick Lipstick in Sundown
I always look so much better in my own headshots... (>___<) sigh...
Oh new shoes too!

Weathered leather heels from Aldo; Flower clip from H&M
But the main (though small) point of my outfit was definitely my bag, which I got in Tokyo at 流儀圧搾 (Ryugi Assaku)~ JRunway in Singapore also stocks selected items from this brand!

From 流儀圧搾 sub-brand 雅結 (Miyabi-Musubi) 4,990yen (currently out of stock); Bag charm from agnes b.
I loveeeeee this bag to bits~ The dragon and sakura fabric is totally up my alley! I only wish it was slightly bigger =P
So yeah that's my WIWT weekend edition~ I had fun sharing, hope you had fun reading too! ^__^

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Got my eye on Rachel K Youth Complex~

This is another belated post that I took photos of and then proceeded to forget about >_< Apologies all around~

For people who keep frequent late nights like me, beauty solutions for the eye area are always important. So for my fellow nocturnal creatures, I come bearing good news!

I bought the Rachel K Youth Complex Eye cream at BHG during a 20% sale sometime back off it's original price of S$35~ The Rachel K range is also available at Watsons which is pretty good since Watsons has good sales very often!

S$35 / 15ml tube
Certified Organic! Me likey~
This certified organic anti-aging eye cream contains powerful active ingredients (Algae from depth of the oceans, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Jojoba, Olive Oils, Squalane) that rapidly smooth, hydrate, reduce puffiness and dark under-eye circles.

The usual look at the back-of-the-box info:

One of the main features of this product is it's petal shaped pump dispenser cum massage applicator~ The massaging motion recommended during application is supposed to encourage circulation whilst delivering instant de-puffing effects on tired eyes!


Just press down to dispense the youth complex cream. The product is smooth, very slightly cream in colour and has very little scent. What little scent I can detect is rather like jojoba/olive oil, so it's not unpleasant =)

By placing the applicator as below, you can massage the cream directly with a smooth back and forth action. The first couple of times, you might experience a very slight warming sensation on the applied area but there were no other side effects for me.

The product absorbs well, leaving only a slightly moisturized feeling to my undereye area in its wake. It performed nicely under makeup, not flaking or anything like that. But do note that I did let it absorb very very thoroughly before putting on makeup. Only a small dollop is required for each application, making this product very cost effective!
I used this very faithfully twice a day because it's so easy, I didn't need to put my fingers into any dinky little jars and because the applicator was so well-shaped, I didn't really need to pay attention while I was massaging the cream in too~
But the best part was the results!
Not sure if you can see it but there's a small puffy patch under my left eye (right eye from your point of view) that's been there for almost forever... I actually noticed that it had gone down considerably by the 3rd day, which is really pretty awesome~ After about a week I took this photo and was very pleased with the results! The dullness around my eyes had lightened to a slight redness and alot of the initial puffiness was gone! The fine lines, I regret to say, are still there but hey, 2 out of 3 isn't bad at all!
So basically now whenever I unfortunately end up going to bed at say 4a.m, I don't need to worry about awakening with puffy eyes! And for just S$35? It's a no brainer!
In short, Rachel K Youth Complex Eye Cream is:
  • an affordable drugstore option that delivers speedy results
  • comes in a stylish pump tube with massage applicator, no need to get your hands dirty
  • cap becomes slightly loose after frequent use though
  • light to no scent makes it easy on those who are sensitive to fragrances
  • product is creamy but not heavy; did not cause milia on me
  • highly absorbable product makes it easy/comfortable for day and night wear
  • dark eye circles are reduced quickly
  • de-puffing action easily rivals Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye cream
  • fine line reduction doesn't seem to be as effective though

I'm really glad I happened to buy this eye cream because it really gives the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye a run for its money for almost half the price! Super satisfied! ( ^___^ )

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Fugu Face Pt 2 - Bijinsenmon Slimming Face Mask review~

Oh my goodness I completely forgot that I meant to update the review on Bijinsenmon's face slimming range! ( >_<)

Remember my glee when I managed to lose some face flab? That was the review for Bijinsenmon's 美人専門 Facial Slimming Serum~

If you'd read that, you'll know that the serum, though quite effective on my pudgy jawline, also caused little clogs along my jawline. About 2 weeks after that review, the clogs suddenly became worse and I've since had to stop using the serum =( Thankfully, with regular lymphatic jawline massages, I think the pudginess hasn't rebounded too badly, as you might have noticed if you follow my Instagram account (cottonballcrusader)!

But I was quite unhappy that I had to stop using the serum so I went out and bought the Bijinsenmon Facial Slimming Mask. The formulation is slightly different I think, since the mask seems to rely on mainly the heating effect so I hoped it wouldn't trigger all my jawline issues.

About S$35/box of 6 from Guardian Pharmacy
The back of the box info:

And for those who can't read Mandarin or Japanese:

A look at the product:

Lots of product but it looks kinda gloppy >_<
This is a mask designed to envelope the chin and hook over the ears so I was really hoping it would be a nice snug fit....

Ok not quite the snug fit I'd hoped for but still ok.
Unlike the Slimming Serum, the formulation of this mask is the 'hot' type. So you're walking around with a rather warm sensation on your face for that 15min of application. After that, wiping off the excess can be quite uncomfortable as well since warm water is recommended.
I used this 3 times over 2 weeks and then had to stop because those irritating little bumps were starting to blossom along my jawline again. So I guess both serum AND mask's formulation do not suit my skin =( I'm thinking it's the over-stimulation?
In short, the Bijinsenmon Facial Slimming Mask:
  • is one that doesn't stinge on the essence/serum
  • heating sensation might be uncomfortable for those unused to it
  • those with easily stimulated jawlines need to note that this mask might cause plugs/little pimples
  • does not yield as obvious nor speedy results compared to the Bijinsenmon serum
  • slightly pricey at a little over S$5 per mask
I don't think my 2 week usage made any difference to my face unlike with the serum...My last usage was around the time of my Maybelline BB cream review but I didn't see any difference from the time I stopped using the serum.
So if your jawline doesn't flare up when overstimulated, I'd still recommend the serum rather than the mask. It definitely works and is more cost efficient!

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The 1st but still late Tokyo 2013 Fix Post! (Image Intensive!)

In case you're wondering about the title (Tokyo Fix 2013)...it's because I find it quite necessary to revisit Japan (mainly Tokyo) every year to recharge.

In my previous company, I had the pleasure of popping by Japan a couple of times every month so when I left, I had major withdrawal until my dad suggested that I make yearly trips~ Good ol dad! =D So for the last couple years I've made annual trips and therefore annual contributions to Japan's economy~

Popped by all the usual places: Harajuku, Ueno, Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Asakusa..etc But one of the highlights I'll be sharing today is the Oiran parade in Asakusa! Thanks to a chance spotting of the poster in Asakusa...lucky!

But first, I want to introduce my short-time 'pet' I 'adopted' near the Meiji Shrine (Harajuku):

Which I then proceeded to take photos of my pet acorn here, there and everywhere the next couple of days ^_^;;

I always love the walk leading to the Meiji Shrine...even if it's sunny everywhere else, there's gorgeous foliage, SO MUCH greenery surrounding the area that it's a completely different atmosphere. Much cooler, super refreshing and absolutely serene.

The drums of sake are always pretty to look at with all that colour & calligraphy~
And then the obligatory touristy shot from my friend's phone (it was her first time there)~

In the grounds, a sneaky shot from my friend's camera ^_^



Prayer Plaques. This particular one says "To meet and marry a wonderful person. To build a blissful
family together." 
The next night we went to Asakusa to take in the Sensoji temple with it's night lightup~ Since last year, I've decided it's nicer to come late because Nakamise (the shopping street leading to Sensoji) is closing/closed so that's a whole bunch of other tourists & tour groups out of the way =P Plus the lights make for pretty photos!

See what I mean? Nice and empty~
And with that we ended our night. Just as we were crossing the road to the train station, we noticed a poster with an Oiran (花魁) in a procession (like how she would en route to meeting a patron) and lo and behold it was happening that coming Saturday!
Sneak shot while waiting for the parade to start~

Turns out it was the annual Ichiyo Sakura Festival Edo Yoshiwara Oiran Parade (一葉さくら祭り江戸吉原おいらん道中), that's held on the 2nd Saturday every April! So that Saturday we trooped back to Asakusa for our first live look at a real Oiran! Parade photos after the cut!