Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Fugu Face Pt 2 - Bijinsenmon Slimming Face Mask review~

Oh my goodness I completely forgot that I meant to update the review on Bijinsenmon's face slimming range! ( >_<)

Remember my glee when I managed to lose some face flab? That was the review for Bijinsenmon's 美人専門 Facial Slimming Serum~

If you'd read that, you'll know that the serum, though quite effective on my pudgy jawline, also caused little clogs along my jawline. About 2 weeks after that review, the clogs suddenly became worse and I've since had to stop using the serum =( Thankfully, with regular lymphatic jawline massages, I think the pudginess hasn't rebounded too badly, as you might have noticed if you follow my Instagram account (cottonballcrusader)!

But I was quite unhappy that I had to stop using the serum so I went out and bought the Bijinsenmon Facial Slimming Mask. The formulation is slightly different I think, since the mask seems to rely on mainly the heating effect so I hoped it wouldn't trigger all my jawline issues.

About S$35/box of 6 from Guardian Pharmacy
The back of the box info:

And for those who can't read Mandarin or Japanese:

A look at the product:

Lots of product but it looks kinda gloppy >_<
This is a mask designed to envelope the chin and hook over the ears so I was really hoping it would be a nice snug fit....

Ok not quite the snug fit I'd hoped for but still ok.
Unlike the Slimming Serum, the formulation of this mask is the 'hot' type. So you're walking around with a rather warm sensation on your face for that 15min of application. After that, wiping off the excess can be quite uncomfortable as well since warm water is recommended.
I used this 3 times over 2 weeks and then had to stop because those irritating little bumps were starting to blossom along my jawline again. So I guess both serum AND mask's formulation do not suit my skin =( I'm thinking it's the over-stimulation?
In short, the Bijinsenmon Facial Slimming Mask:
  • is one that doesn't stinge on the essence/serum
  • heating sensation might be uncomfortable for those unused to it
  • those with easily stimulated jawlines need to note that this mask might cause plugs/little pimples
  • does not yield as obvious nor speedy results compared to the Bijinsenmon serum
  • slightly pricey at a little over S$5 per mask
I don't think my 2 week usage made any difference to my face unlike with the serum...My last usage was around the time of my Maybelline BB cream review but I didn't see any difference from the time I stopped using the serum.
So if your jawline doesn't flare up when overstimulated, I'd still recommend the serum rather than the mask. It definitely works and is more cost efficient!

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