Tuesday, 28 May 2013

WIWT - Weekend Edition

Hello hello~ How was your long weekend last week? For those not in SE Asia, last Friday was Vesak Day (a Buddhist holiday) so everyone got a long weekend! Gladly, I was in the country and able to spend the time with my family!

It strikes me that it's been quite awhile since my last outfit post so I might as well =) Umm...I'm not terribly fashionable but I like to think I'm stylish enough =P So if you will please indulge me~


Rundown: Went to town and hung around people-watching while waiting for the husband to finish up a meeting. Walked around some more, had a bite and caught Iron Man 3 after he was done! (The show was awesome btw. Robert Downey Jr never disappoints, he's like another Johnny Depp almost!)

I took photos at my lift landing because I'm crowd shy and taking photos in public just makes me even more awkward than I already am >_<

My collarbones decided to make an appearance that day =)
Please say Hi to my girls, Ben & Miko! ^^
(Awkkkwarrrrd~~~~ >_<) I had light makeup on that day because I was lazy rushing for time, hope I could carry a fresh-faced look! Also, I'm really digging the dango bun hairstyle ever since I finally figured out how to get it nice, neat and high without tying it 682583 times! Finally I have an updo that's easy and versatile~
 Studded ribbon clip from Forever 21~
Accessories for the day

Last but not least, my latest pair of boots from Tokyo~ They were a random find, on sale because they were the last pair and in my size! *hearts*
I like them so much they get 2 shots =P

Swallowtail pullover - KappAhl
Shorts - Forever 21
Boots - no brand (Random shoe shop in Shibuya)
Bag + Bag charm - Agnes b.
Watch - Thomas Sabo
Bracelets (anti-clockwise from top left) - Far East Plaza, H&M, Pandora
Rundown: Popped out for a wedding lunch in town then back by evening because the husband had to work T_T so I get to spend the rest of my Saturday lounging around the house procrastinating.
It was my first time to a wedding lunch so I was slightly lost about what to wear. I have very very few clothes that belong in the grey area known as 'smart casual' so I ended up in a really simple cotton swallowtail dress from Gina Tricot :

No face because the humidity completely destroyed my hair =( And I was looking so nice when I just left the house too! *sulks* See!!!

Nice right? Zero zilch sans photoshopping!
I really liked my makeup on Saturday~ Had on the new lashes from Tokyo and they're quite perfect, not too in-your-face ^_^
Products used were:
  • Clearlast Pore Smooth Base UV
  • Kate Powderless Liquid Foundation in shade OC-D
  • Gafixx Skinny Silhouette S302 mascara
  • RiPi れるまつげ false lashes in RP-05 Pure Natural
  • Sleek Makeup Blush by 3 in Lace (used shade Guipure)
  • Edward Bess Ultra Slick Lipstick in Sundown
I always look so much better in my own headshots... (>___<) sigh...
Oh new shoes too!

Weathered leather heels from Aldo; Flower clip from H&M
But the main (though small) point of my outfit was definitely my bag, which I got in Tokyo at 流儀圧搾 (Ryugi Assaku)~ JRunway in Singapore also stocks selected items from this brand!

From 流儀圧搾 sub-brand 雅結 (Miyabi-Musubi) 4,990yen (currently out of stock); Bag charm from agnes b.
I loveeeeee this bag to bits~ The dragon and sakura fabric is totally up my alley! I only wish it was slightly bigger =P
So yeah that's my WIWT weekend edition~ I had fun sharing, hope you had fun reading too! ^__^


  1. Cute shoes! love the metalic finish and the cute accent!
    I've also nominated you for a Liebster Award!

    1. Hi Sam! yeah my friend's been trying to buy those shoes off me lol Thanks for the nomination~ I'll get to it as soon as I can!

      ^__^ xx


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