Monday, 8 April 2013

KATE Spring/Summer 2013 Collection~

Goldfish Eyes doesn't sound very pretty but in this case, it is! It's just so nice and shimmery~~ *___* And the gorgeous Kuroki Meisa is just....gorgeous. (*____*) It's also nice how it's not too Spring/Summer-like y'know? I'm not a fan of pinks and greens and blues etc cos I just don't know how to work with colour (especially pastels) on my eyes so it's nice to have a label that's consistent throughout the seasons~

I spotted the new range up for sale some weeks ago and was uber tempted to get this, the Teary Drop Liner!!

It's super slim (typical of a Kate eyeliner), dries in seconds and the tester I swiped on my hand stayed really well! Available in pink and beige:  
I really like the beige one! It's like a pearly golden shade that's not too in your face~ BUT I had to stop myself because I'm heading to Japan tomorrow for my yearly 'pilgrimage' and it'll be cheaper there! ^O^ Can you imagine the beauty haul from Japan? *spins around* And no husband to drag me out of the drugstore!! Matsumoto HERE I COME!!! *waves a shopping list* 
Check out the KATE Official Website for the rest of the Spring/Summer collection!
all images from KATE

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