Monday, 29 April 2013

Tokyo Beauty Loot (Image Intensive!)

Today, I thought I might share some of the beauty items I bought from *ahem* multiple trips to Matsumoto Kiyoshi (aka MatsuKiyo), one of the biggest and my favourite drugstore in Tokyo!

These are mostly items that I haven't gotten round to using yet. Emptied higgledy piggledy on the living room floor, this it what it looks like:

Ahhh....makes my heart flutter~ =P

First up, the weather in Singapore has been simply horrible recently, muggy with a capital M-U-G-G-Y. So of course, I remembered to pick up some refreshing powder sheets! You remember my previous review on the Biore Powder Sheets? Well I thought I'd try out other brands this time. Rose-scented, I couldn't resist! Plus, the formulas include Persimmon, Aloe Vera and Raspberry essences for that added skincare element!
Top L - R : French Bath Soap and English Garden Rose powder sheets / price forgotten >_<
Bottom L - R : Morning Facial Masks from Mandom / 399yen each
Morning facial masks from Mandom! The pink is for Moisturising and the blue, Tightening. Each mask contains 7 times the usual amount of facial toning lotion and contains ingredients like Coenzyme Q10 in the moisturizing mask, Yukinoshita (I think this is geranium, good for toxin draining and depigmentation) and Hamamelis (witch hazel) in the tightening mask.

Watsons has recently started selling these jelly strip beauty supplements from Otsuka Group and they are disgustingly overpriced at S$16 a box. I bought these for 399yen at MatsuKiyo which is only about S$5!! Each box only contains 7 strips so S$16 is really quite pricey imo... I shall buy more next time!

Available in Placenta C (orange), Collagen C (pink) and Hyaluronic Acid (green, not pictured), these are basically beauty supplements to consume on the go. I ate the Placenta C jelly strips while I was in Japan and they tasted like mango~ Yum! I think these are good for when you're having a hectic work week or haven't gotten enough rest and don't want it to show on your face~

Next up, my favourite beauty product: mascara!!

Beauty/Skincare shopping in Japan, it's easy to spot top sellers because they always have these proud stickers on them!

These stickers tell you about the product's sales ranking on platforms like Yahoo shopping, Rakuten, Amazon Bestsellers etc.

Click and read on! =D

I'll describe the mascaras more in detail when I start using them so for now, just their mugshots~ I warn you, I bought quite a few....>_<

Little Witch Perfect Long & Lift Up Moisturising Mascara 1,890yen

Rimmel Great Curl Volume Long Mascara 1,365yen

EyeMania Mineral Long & Volume Mascara 1,550yen

Dasoda Mega Volume Mascara 1,575yen

mylash Natural Care Mascara 950yen 

Fasio Ultra Curl Lock Mascara (Long) 1,260yen
And lastly (in the mascara department):
Canmake Lower Lash Mascara 525yen
And that's the end of Mascara Mania, which makes up the bulk of my beauty purchases =P
Next are lip products:

From L - R: Kate lip gloss 500yen (but on 30% sale!), Canmake Balm Rouge 609yen,
Canmake Day&Night Lip Serum 399yen

The Kate lip gloss was so cheap after the 30% discount, only about 350yen! (^o^)/
Attracted by the low price and pretty satisfying tester at the store, I bought the Barrier Repair Concentrate Serum~ I think this should be quite good since it's had great reviews on makeupalley! Supposedly good even for skin that's oily but dehydrated. Can't wait to try this out!

Mandom Barrier Repair Concentrate Serum 980yen

Next up is a Skin Revitalizing serum from Lits Wistea~

Lits Wistea Skin Revival Lift EX 3,150yen
I was originally tempted to purchase the Jelly Sleeping Mask from this brand but at more than 5,000yen it was a little pricey for a first time purchase so I opted for this anti-aging serum instead. Supposed to improve skin elasticity and moisture. Again, another serum I can't wait to start on~ 
Next is another newly discovered brand, Suisai, which is under the Kanebo umbrella.

From L - R: Kanebo Suisai Lifting Lotion 2,100yen, Moisture Serum 3,990yen
Both products were on 40% discount which made them quite cheap, good timing for a first time buyer! I started using the Moisture Serum while I was there as it was quite cold so I was afraid my skin might get dry... This serum was really nice! I woke up the very next morning and my skin felt really smooth and moisturized, I could even skip my usual moisturizer!
And lastly, Media Makeup Base S (orange) under Kanebo.

Kanebo Media Makeup Base S (Orange) 630yen
It was pretty cheap so I just grabbed it. Formulated with Collagen and Mineral Powder, hopefully it's a good find~
So that's that, my makeup + beauty purchases from Japan! Should I do a separate post for fashion and other random items?
I'm looking forward to using them, hope you're looking forward to the reviews too! ^__^


  1. Hi Rhi, long time no see......I've been so busy that I haven't had time to stop by. Anyways, I miss coming here and I'm glad to see you are still keeping up with the blog. Will catch up next weekend on all the things I've missed. Excited to read all of your posts.

    1. Hey! Yeah it's been while~ Nice to see you again! ^_^ Hope you'll enjoy catching up on my posts~


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