Sunday, 14 April 2013

Just 'Dew' It - Maybelline Pure Mineral BB WaterGel~

Ok mah homies, this be another new favourite I purchased a couple weeks ago at its intro price of S$16.90~ I'm using it now in Tokyo! From the Japanese Maybelline range, this is the Pure Mineral BB WaterGel:

Usual price: S$19.90 at your usual drugstores
Not like I need more bb creams but the tester swatched quite nicely and the medium beige was such a good match~ And so cheap, it was a no brainer. And no regrets too as it turned out!

Some closer shots of the product:

I bought the Medium Beige which is the darker of the 2 shades available and it's quite the perfect match for my medium fair complexion!

In my mind I can't help but compare this to the KATE Mineral BB Gel Cream I reviewed last year. These are some of the differences straight up:
  • KATE - S$25.50  vs Maybelline - S$19.90
  • KATE - SPF30 / PA++  vs  Maybelline - SPF35 / PA+++
  • KATE - Available in 3 shades  vs  Maybelline - Available in 2 shades
  • KATE - Marketed as an all-in-one product i.e moisturizer, essence, sunblock and foundation vs Maybelline - Lightweight BB base that provides moisture with good coverage and sun protection
The fact that Maybelline offers a higher sun protection factor and is cheaper makes it that more desirable imo =)

Moving on!

Swatch time!

I like! So you see why the tester at the store had me sold? =)

Not that I have perfect skin now but it's much improved compared to when I first started this blog last year so there aren't that many zits or redness to cover nowadays...but you can still see the improvement in overall skin tone and evenness, dark eye rings and of course, the medium coverage of that glorious zit on my forehead! Product texture is light and blends easily (I was using my Circle Face brush from The Face Shop, which is SO the Shiseido dupe) and has this cooling tingling sensation for almost 5 min that's quite enjoyable really.

And it looks way natural! *^_^* I slapped on some lashes, eyeshadow and blusher and headed out for dinner with the family. After outdoor dining (it was more cool than usual but still slightly humid), we walked around and got some groceries before heading back so I'd been both out and indoors. The BB Watergel held up very well!

My blusher has disappeared but the coverage is still there~ I was only out for about 4 hours but I think it would hold up well into a half day stretch if I'd been out in town.

Here's a BIG photo of my face so you can see the coverage that's still there. Also, the dewiness is fairly constant throughout.


Sold, sold and SOLD.

In short, the Maybelline BB Watergel:
  • Is a great addition to the popular Pure Mineral line
  • Only comes in 2 shades - 01 Natural and 02 Medium Beige (I understand that in certain countries only 01 is available)
  • Super lightweight with sheer to medium coverage that's quite buildable but probably not for high coverage requirements
  • Highly blendable
  • Has a cooling tingling sensation that's quite nice and refreshing
  • Gives the skin a natural dewy look that held up nicely on my combination skin in lightly humid Singaporean weather
  • Gives the Kate BB Gel Cream a good run for its money with its light texture, similar coverage and lower price.
  • Often on sale because its from Maybelline!!
Are you still searching for a lightweight BB cream with decent coverage? This might be it!

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  1. This looks great Rhi. Thanks for the review. Do you think this is okay for my oily skin and the color, you know what shade I am in the Kate BB cream, does this have the same yellow undertone? I have very yellow undertones.

    Also, yes, I can see the improvements in your skin since you first started this blog. So happy for you. Nothing makes us feel better than when our skin is cooperating. ^___^

    1. Hiya Agirl! Hmm...I think this might be abit too dewy for you because it is after all a dewy finish~ You might be better off with the Kate Powderless Liquid Foundation or BB gel. You and I are the same shade in Kate aren't we? The Maybelline BB looks a TAD more yellow compared to the Kate but is quite a negligable difference because both blend on the sheer side~

      Yes!! There have been marked improvement in the clogging department since the start, so glad omg~~ You are so right, there's nothing better than cooperative skin! =D

  2. Where is this product made from?


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