Monday, 1 April 2013

My Beauty Diary Dark Circles Eye Mask - Problem with puffiness?

My Beauty Diary is easily one of the most popular sheet mask brands in Singapore and the sheer amount of mask varieties available is probably a good testament to the market they have here~ I was loitering around Watsons some time back and just picked up a box of these cute fishy-shaped eye masks cos I wasn't sleeping very well at the time.

About S$11 for a pack of 5 at the usual drugstores~
Anti-puffiness and Anti-fine lines versions available too~

See? I picked the one for OBVIOUS FATIGUE and DARK CIRCLES. (T_T) Sad life has I.

So anyway, the mask has a decent amount of essence in it (3.3ml per pair), not dripping with the stuff. I like the way the fish shape fits nicely though I think I could do without the 'tail' part extending all the way to my hairline but yeah, small issue ^^;;

Removed after about 15min and (I regret that I do not have an after photo to show..>_<) my eyes did really look less tired! Cross my heart! In fact I recently had a friend texting to recommend me this same exact eye mask but HA! I have it already! (─‿‿─)

So if you have a busy busy week ahead, do check this mask out ok! 。◕‿◕。

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