Saturday, 24 November 2012

Glowing with Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse

If any of you dear readers are on the Bellabox Singapore facebook page, you might have noticed the recent Nuxe contest!! (^0^)

Won the 50ml Huile Prodigieuse OR (Multi-usage Dry Oil - Golden Shimmer)!!
Bellabox is an Australian owned high-end beauty box subscription company but also has a branch in Singapore. Every so often they have contests on their Bellabox Singapore facebook page where you stand to win some of their star products. The Nuxe Multi-usage Dry Oil is 1 of them and I WON!!! *skips circles around her confused dog*

Having only recently noticed this brand in Watsons, I think it's worth a closer look. Nuxe stems from a French pharmaceutical laboratory and is now a bestselling brand in pharmacies and drugstores. It's all about natural-origin cosmetics and skincare, committed to:
  • Selection of natural active ingredients
  • Containing no mineral oils, synthetic colorants or animal-origin ingredients (my favourite point!)
  • Non-comedogenic products
  • Optimum safety and effectiveness through tests by an independent lab approved by the French Ministry of Research
  • Preservative system without parabens
  • Eco-friendliness by preferring to use recyclable materials, discontinuation of leaflets, use of smaller folding cartons, etc.
(above information extracted from Nuxe Paris catalogue)

Now, a look at the Multi-usage Dry Oil!

First, a closer look at the product in the bottle~ This is what it looks like when it's settled (to shake well before use):

Also available in the non-shimmer version: Huile Prodigieuse
The OR version of the dry oil comes with fine shimmer particles for a subtle golden glitter finish upon application. You can see the slight gold sheen when it's just out of the bottle:

Slight gold tinge to the oil~

Don't worry about the golden colour, it disappears when massaged into the skin, leaving a very slight glittery gold finish. Like its name suggests, the multi-usage dry oil can be used for face, body and hair to nourish, repair and soften.

Quick tip from a girlfriend: Apply the Nuxe Multi-usage Dry Oil to damp hair ends and wrap in a hot towel for a few minutes for a quick spa-like treatment!

After massaging in, there is no colour or residue left on the skin's surface save for the fine gold shimmer:

Barely photographable fine glittery finish~ Take a whiff!!

I think it's called Dry Oil because it absorbs so COMPLETELY. There's no greasiness, no tackiness, nothing! My skin just feels moisturised and softer~ One of the best parts is if you go into the water after massaging this in, there's no surface ickiness to speak of. One of my pet peeves with moisturisers is this: just when you think it's all absorbed, you wash your hands and feel all the product that's been sitting on the surface of your skin. With this oil, there's nothing!

Since mine is the OR version, methinks this would be perfect for the beach, spring/summer months when the gold shimmer can catch those rays of sun and make you glow like a superhero~ or like a vampire from Twilight =P No, I jest. It isn't THAT shimmery. =)

Oh yes, the oil also has a gorgeous smell that I can't quite place. If I had to describe the smell with one word, it would be 'Warm'. It makes me feel all fuzzy inside, like I'm wrapped in a soft doughy warm-smelling 'something' lol (I'm sniffing my arm while mulling over this..)

Has anyone used the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse before? I've read of it being used as makeup remover as well as added to liquid foundations and shampoos for the added benefits and awesome fragrance but I would love to hear more tips/ideas if you have any! ^__^


  1. Wow, this product sounds nice. How lucky you are to win a bottle. Rhi, reading your blog is not good for my pocket book b/c I find myself wanting to buy and trying everything. Haha!

    1. Yup, this was a really good win! Haha, I know what you mean, my wallet gets all tingly when I read other beauty & fashion blogs too! >__<


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