Saturday, 10 November 2012

M.A.C Glamour Daze & Holidays~

Popped by the viewing of the Glamour Daze and Holiday range at M.A.C Robinsons Raffles City yesterday with Arissa, my first time at such events and got completely overwhelmed by the number of people squished in there!

Sorry to say but crowds really get to me. I'm very much a personal space kinda person, park me in a corner with a cup of tea and I'm happy. Yep, that kind.

But anyway, I must say that the holiday sets are really cute! They'd probably make very good gifts and those holders are just too adorable~

Pictured here: M.A.C 2012 Holiday Face, Eyes & Lip Palette, Face Palette, Eyeshadow Palatte.
Leopard Lip Gift Set in the pink leaopard print pouch on the far right. 

But the thing that caught my attention was...=_=...I'm sorry to say it wasn't a product but...this:

Nope, not the Glamour Daze range (colours were totally not me though the packaging was super cute) but the Glamour Daze pin-up. Look at her nails! Aren't they cute!!! I want to do that! ^___^