Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Biore - Get Powdery Perfect on Muggy Days!

For frequent visitors to Japan or Japan-holics, this is probably nothing new. In the summer months, a variety of cooling sheets, powder sheets, blotting papers..etc will pop up in drugstores and department stores all over Japan. Biore's Powder Sheets are quite new in Singapore though~

Extremely popular in Japan (of course other Japanese brands will have similar offerings), the powder sheets retail for S$3 for a 10 sheet pack at the local Watsons but are currently on offer at about S$2.50. Looks like your regular wet wipes right? Well, not quite~

It is, as the name suggests, a powder sheet but is a wet wipe too, albeit a rather fast drying one. It comes in 2 fragrances: Breezy Floral and Zesty Citrus. Japan of course, has the full range including the fragrances Aquatic Rose and Tropical Resort and versions for UV protection and sensitive skin~ How awesome is that?

Anyway, back to the product on hand. In a nutshell, it promises to relieve the user of perspiration, odour and stickiness instantly:

I opened the pack the day I went for my volunteer work at the dog shelter, so we're talking about 3hrs under the sun, feeding and horsing around with packs of dogs so you can imagine that I was PLENTY sticky and stinky by the time I left.

One sheet was all I needed. I sheet you not (pun intended). I wiped my neck, arms and legs with the one sheet and felt great!

Normal wet wipes tend to leave a slight stickiness that I'll notice after a while but not these. The initial dampness was refreshing and dried into a powdery finish that I could feel but couldn't see! In a humid climate like Singapore's, it's perfect! I honestly felt like I'd had a quick shower. The scent it imparted was not very strong but good enough for yourself to get a whiff of every now and then.

I am also glad to report that the powdery feeling lasted the next 4 hours until I went for a shower. Reason for the 4 hr wait being that I got home and fell asleep on the floor while my own dogs inspected all the new scents on me =P

Have you tried these powder sheets yet? Or do you have your own faves for dealing with muggy weather? =)

Edited on 3 Nov :

I forgot to add this convenient feature, a perforated line down the middle of each sheet for easy tearing and sharing! ^_^

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