Wednesday, 4 March 2015

The Heat & Eat Petite Potato - Quick & Easy Eats for 1!

I made a half-hearted attempt to eat less rice-based meals after the onslaught of "Don't eat so much~", "I didn't say it, the doctor said so~ so you better watch it." and "Don't blame me when you get fat and can't lose the baby weight." so I threw together a tub of salad and went shopping for something to keep it company whilst I demolish it hurhur =D

So, it's been awhile since I browsed the range of potatoes available in the supermarkets but the last last last time I definitely didn't see this brand (Kangaringa Station) of Heat & Eat Petite Potato packs. Quick & easy, why not?

S$3.90 for 500g (about 10 potatoes)
Got these at NTUC by the way. Available in all white, all red or mixed packets~ I've never noticed them before, hopefully they'll be stocked often!

Comes with instructions and a quick recipe on the back.

The nifty thing is this is one of those packs that you can throw straight into the microwave (in the sealed pack) if you're preparing a meal for the family, so convenient right? But I was only preparing for myself so I had to skip testing that method..

Used my trusty kitty collapsible steamer thingy from Japan~

The instructions said 6 - 8min in a 1100-watt microwave, I put my 3 potatoes on a 600-watt setting at 8min and set about plating my salad and frying the paprika & garlic mixture in a bit of butter~ Added a dash of dried peppers & seasalt to taste~

8min later...tadah!

Salad with cucumber, tomato & egg with a side of garlic butter potatoes for 1! Ok maybe 1 1/2 haha~ I feel the potatoes were just a tad overdone though so I'd bring it down to 7min next time. Oh and the red potatoes were delish! Sweeter than the white, oh-so-good!! =)

As my luck would have it, my mom then comes after inspecting the fridge and tells me not to eat too much salad cos it's too 'cooling', not advisable for pregnancy =_____=

(; ̄д ̄)/  "but...but....but salad's my favourite diet food!!!!"

(一。一;;)"too bad"


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