Monday, 16 March 2015

Luxola x Skin Inc Get Awesome Skin! Workshop - Optimizer Voyage Showcase

Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of being a girlfriend's plus-1 for a joint Luxola & Skin Inc workshop at the pop-up store at Millennia Walk~ The purpose of the event was to showcase the new Optimizer Voyage (S$268) from Skin Inc, a more affordable and travel-friendly alternative to the Optimizer + AIO (S$843).

Skin Inc's new Optimizer Voyage S$268

Some info about the Red light benefits off the Optimizer + AIO device

It was a pretty cosy workshop with macarons and bottled blends from hicJuice for refreshments~ I got a Matcha Nut Milk, which was a mix of organic Matcha powder, raw cashews, raw almonds, Medjool dates, Himalayan Salt and ionized water =) There were other blends available too and they seemed really, and I mean REALLY, healthy! Pity they're a tad pricey >_<

They had this Optimizer Voyage set for S$298 where you'd get the device plus the Pure Revival Peel (20ml), Anti-Ageing Serum (10ml mix of Q10, Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen) and Deep Sea Hydrating Mask (20ml) basically you'd pay just S$30 for the New Year New You Set (RRP: S$89). Pretty ok deal but still a tad rich for my blood XP

Anyhoo, for the demo, their model was late so the organisers picked another model from amongst the attendees.

Skin Inc trainer Donna explaining the new Optimizer
Some key points for the Optimizer Voyage:
  • Runs on 3 AAA batteries.
  • Switches off automatically after 10 minutes so there's no worry of accidentally leaving it on.
  • Works only with water-based serums/masks.
  • After Skin Inc serum and Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask, run the device in a circular, upwards motion for 5 minutes on each side of the face. So 10 minutes total, twice a day.
  • Boosts cell renewal and collagen production, general anti-ageing properties.
  • Supposed to be good for firming the skin and get that V-shape face!
  • Safe to use over the eye area but the red light is quite glaring so closing your eyes would be more comfortable.
  • Apparently some clients use it on the body as well!

If you're thinking that 10 minutes is a long time to spend, I have to say there's no avoiding it because I tested the Optimizer Voyage on the back of my hand and the serum takes MUCH longer to absorb compared to when I apply it on my face at home. The reason for this is that a large amount of product ends up being absorbed by your fingers/hands! According to Donna (the Skin Inc trainer), only up to 40% of skincare is absorbed to the face when applied by hand. Using the Optimiser can bump that number up to 90% so you get more bang for your buck!

The demo began by removing the model's makeup and then prepping it with the Skin Inc Pure Revival Peel before dripping the serum directly onto the skin, slightly distributed over the face by hand and covering that with a layer of the Deep Sea Hydrating Mask. Lastly came the 5 min treatment with the Optimizer Voyage. As u can see from the pic up there, that light's pretty glaring!

After the treatment, we went up and took a closer look at the model's face and it was redder, I guess due to increased blood circulation after the massaging motion. I have to say it's too soon to say if there were lesser wrinkles or pores etc (plus she had good skin to begin with) but her skin looked firmer than before and her jawline seemed slimmer!

Some contraindications to note with this device though:

  • Not to be used on bare skin without a water-based product
  • Not to be used longer than the recommended time to avoid muscle fatigue
  • Do not leave the device on the same spot of the skin during use
  • Not for use during pregnancy 
  • Do not use on implanted areas or injuries
  • Not recommended for use if running a temperature of above 38 degrees, children under 12, if suffering from acute symptoms, cardiac condition, skin diseases, hypertension, cerebral infractions, herpes, folliculate acne, furunculosis, carbuncle, lupus hepatitis, general sclerosis or Madison's disease.

Above info extracted from Luxola

At S$268, the Optimizer Voyage is a lot cheaper than the Optimizer + AIO and makes sense to purchase if you're specifically after the anti-aging function. You don't feel any heat, tingling or prickly sensations during use too so it's comfortable~ Need I mention the frequent sales on Luxola that you can catch?

So after the demo we basically just hung around looking at all the products and redoing our Skin Identity checks after which we would receive a 5ml bottle of serum from the recommended mix. In my case, my results included Hyaluronic Acid (Replenish), Chlorella (Revitalize) and Licorice (Relieve). Licorice is new in my lineup so I picked that for my 5ml sample and went to ask why the sudden introduction and the Skin Inc girls said that it was most likely recommended for skin issues related to hormonal changes i.e my pregnancy. Somehow, even though I didn't touch on much skin sensitivity/hormonal issues, the test still managed to figure that I might have some hormonal skin changes. Impressive!

And lastly, goodie bag contents! Skin Inc & Luxola very kindly gave everyone a 10ml Collagen serum plus a small selection of other goodies in a cute Luxola eco bag! My girlfriend was especially happy with the Hello Kitty nail wraps hehe~

So concluding first thoughts on the Optimizer Voyage are! It's very tempting for the skin firming properties but is still SLIGHTLY pricey at the regular retail price. I would very seriously consider it during a good Luxola sale though! =D

Well it's awhile to go since I can't use it till after delivery so I have time to twiddle my thumbs about it still!