Friday, 18 January 2013

Revisiting: L'egere Pure Aqua Pore Tightening Ice Toner

You might recall that I purchased this sherbet-y toner from L'egere during the BHG sale awhile back:

S$27.90 from BHG
( You can read my initial review HERE )

I didn't really think much of it initially and even ventured as far as to say that it might not be worth a repeat purchase especially since it didn't seem to be doing anything for my pores. But I did enjoy the cooling feeling and the fun of spraying this sherbet-y substance into a cotton pad everyday so I bought a 2nd bottle.

2 months on, I'm close to finishing the 2nd bottle (with 2 more bottles in my drawer) and feel that my initial assessment needs some tweaking.

The L'egere Pure Aqua Pore Tightening Ice Toner:
  • still has not done much for my pores, though they have not worsened either =( I am resigned to my crater face fate.
  • BUT has (after its addition to my daily routine) helped to COMPLETELY eradicate the irritating clogs along my jawline! Yes the very ones that have been terrorising me for a good 8 months! And this is why I've continued purchasing~
  • mattifying effect remains the same i.e decent enough for my combination skin
  • product near the spray nozzle turns yellowish if left unused for more than a day or 2 (you'll see it when you spray it), but seems harmless. No side effects on me.
  • unfortunately 1 bottle doesn't last very long, only about a 1 1/2 months? So keep a look out for sales if you intend to stockpile this! =)
I have to say, I'm elated that my cloggy jawline is now cleared T_T You have no idea how much I've anguished over it~ If anyone is interested, my current skincare product lineup is:
These 3 are the basis of my routine these days, with a serum or eye cream here and there plus my beauty supplements, it seems to be working out pretty well~ Yayyyy~~~ =D

The down side is, after finding products that have worked so well for me, it's hard to justify trying/buying other brands or products out of curiousity... >_<

Do you continue trying/purchasing other brands or products after you've found your HG product? Does the search ever really end? (._.)

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