Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Shedding light on the Sleek Luminaire Highlighting Concealer~

Hello all~ ^_^

The last time I dropped by the Luxola office for the Edward Bess openhouse, I purchased the Sleek Luminaire Highlighting Concealer as I was in the market for an undereye concealer at the time. I only recently got to using it though:

S$17 from Luxola.com; Available in 3 shades with L02 being the middle child

Brush tip + Click dispenser control
The initial pumps came up slightly cakey but was fine from then on.
I haven't had the best experiences with highlighters as they tend to not make much of a difference =( The Sleek version?

Boo! Here's a facial map~

Here's where I applied Luminaire!
And here are the before and after shots:

Left: With BareMinerals loose powder + HeroineMake mascara + ZA browliner
Right: With Sleek Luminaire blended

Well....*sigh*..I guess it's a sign that I should stop buying highlighters. I just don't seem to be able to use them to their full potential. I usually see the difference immediately after application and after that it all seems to fade away~ (._.)? I don't get it. Do I really have to apply gobs of the stuff?

Anyhoo~ The Sleek Makeup Luminaire Highlighting Concealer:
  • Does well as a lightweight undereye and light to medium pigmentation concealer
  • Doesn't emphasize the fine lines in my undereye area (yay~) and holds up nicely without further creasing
  • Needs to be applied with a heavier hand for highlighting or else it's very subtle
  • Comes in a slim, easy to carry package
  • Click dispenser doesn't overdispense at each click so product control is pretty good
  • As with most other products in the Sleek lineup, is very affordable for the quality!
So there's my review for Luminaire. I was quite bummed out by the subtle highlighting effect at first but after throwing on some eyeshadow, blusher and lipstain...I was quite pleased with how the whole thing turned out =)


Finally! A red lip I'm super comfortable with! Revlon's JustBittenKissable Balm Stain in 045 Romantic! (To be reviewed soon!) I may have overdone the lower lip pout thing though lol >__<;; Better next time I promise!

Have you tried other Sleek products? They're so affordable and such good reviews~ Which are your favourites? =)

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