Monday, 7 January 2013

Seeing Red?

In about a month's time, it'll be Chinese New Year~ Money in, money out, you know how it works =p For many years, CNY was just a great excuse to go out and buy new clothes and shoes~ But this year, with a bursting wardrobe of BNWT items, I got myself a new lipstick from H&M instead! And because it's CHINESE New Year, it had to be red~

LipStick by H&M in Up All Night (4.95euro)
Bottom Left: 2 layers, 1 layer and 'just dabbing' shade swatches
Red lips have become quite the fashion/beauty staple these days~ Ranging from the Hollywood Glam to Punk to Kpop stylings, pretty awesome. I like how it looks on others but never gotten the gumption to try it myself. You see, I have rather thick lips that I prefer to play down thus my preference for nude shades. But I thought it would be fun to try something different...after all, you never know! And for just 4.95? (Plus colleagues egging me on in the background) Why not?

Honestly, I'm undecided. From some angles it looks ok but mostly it looks too much for me, like it's lipstick wearing me~ And is it just me or does it make me look old??!?!  My parents got a shock when they walked in the door and saw me with a red lip. They bade me to never scare them like that again =_= Guess I have to play around with it a little more....

But about the H&M lippie:
  • very pigmented but came out a tad lighter than I expected
  • pretty good staying power, doesn't stain the cup rims if you blot after application
  • slight touch-up necessary after meals
  • comes off easily with lip makeup remover (I use L'oreal Gentle Lip & Eye makeup remover)
  • petite price, definately wallet-friendly!
  • comes in a range of colours from nude to natural to deep red
If I was going to get yet another nude lipstick, I probaby go for H&M 'cos it's so cheap I wouldn't need to use sparingly like I do with my Edward Bess nudie >__<

Have you checked out the H&M makeup range? Got any favourites? ^__^


  1. I've always loved red lipsticks for when I go out partying, but as I got older, I noticed that they made me look older.....maybe because my lips are so full, I don't know...hehe....but yeah, now days I stick with nude tones and lighter shades. The good thing is, when I want to glam it up, I reach for a nice coral shade, which I'm still able to wear and still look young and fresh in.

    By the way, you are definitely rockin the red lipstick here. It looks great on you!!

  2. Aww thanks for the encouragement! But I still have trouble 'overpowering' the red though, some sort of a mental hurdle lol >_< Yes I've been looking for a nice coral shade too!!! Looking for one that isn't too bright or girly >_< it's so hard for me to find a shade once I'm out of my nude shade comfort zone~

    1. You know what I do for bright shades that I want to use, but I don't want it to overpower my lips, I take the lipstick and use my finger to pick up the color and gently pat it on my lips. This way, I get a hint of the bright color, yet it's nice and soft on my lips without looking overpowering. Try it, you might like this technique as much as I do. This is how I wear my coral lipstick.

      Now that I think about it, the way that I wear this, makes it more like a lip stain.

    2. That sounds like it might work, thanks for the tip Agirl!! Hmm maybe I should take a look at Revlon's stained lip balm range too... I've noticed a rather nice coral shade in their ranks~ ~~~~~( ^_^)/


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