Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable - Kiss-Proof Lip colour?

Here's my rather late Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stain review! =D I'm sure you guys have already seen these chubby crayons (so very Clinique Chubby!) in your local drugstores already but have you given them a try yet?

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain S$18.90

Now, because I already have too many sticks for my lips I only bought 2 colours: 050 Precious and 045 Romantic~ Which are a basic nude and kind of a blushing apple red respectively.

As you can see the swatches look nice and balmy =) I was really really hoping they'd be as moisturising as my favourite Mentholatum Organic lipbalm x(>_<)x

From Left: Precious  --  nothing-on lips  --  Romantic   
Moisturising effect was not a wow factor for me but just alright. Especially with Precious, it made the lines on my lips a little obvious compared to Romantic which was more moisturising and really made my lips look softer! I guess it's a balm I can still in use in Singapore but if in winter climates I'll definately have to layer with my usual balm. Due to the peppermint oil ingredient, there's a nice light peppermint scent upon application that doesn't linger, same with the initial cooling sensation.

Colourwise, Precious wasn't as nude as I'd expected. It lightened my natural lip colour by about a shade and helped even out my dark outer lip, which was nice. Good for no-make or light makeup days. Romantic was instant love. A really easy shade of red to wear and because of the balmy texture, it's very easy to blend and dab or layer to the exact level of colour you want! I dabbed Romantic because I can't carry off too strong a red lip >_<

To test the durability of the balm stain, I left it on for about 5 hours, drank, dabbed and smacked my lips and went for a shower. No touchups inbetween and this it what it looked like:
From Left: Just after application -- After 5 hours with drinking and shower, no touchups
To me, that's really good staying power! So while I may not repurchase the Precious shade, Romantic is a keeper in my books~

In short, the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain is:
  • a very affordable, easy-to-find balm stain
  • sturdy balm stick means you don't need to be too delicate with application
  • balm consistency makes for very very lightweight stain, you won't feel it's there!
  • delivers on colour intensity and staying power (may vary slightly from shade to shade)
  • very slight transfer to the drinking cup, none after my 2nd sip
  • lightly peppermint scented + initial cooling sensation that's pleasant and doesn't linger
  • moisturising factor is alright if your lips don't need serious help (moisture level seems to vary from shade to shade, play with testers to check)
  • fairly wide variety of colours (total of 12, Singapore carries 6 of the 12 I believe)
  • packaged in a firmly capped, swivel up tube. Super easy and portable!
So, when are you getting yours? ^__^


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    1. Thanks Andy, glad you liked it~ ^_^ love the colours too, Revlon pretty much hit the jackpot on this one!


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