Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Of Care and Correction - Etude House CC Cream

Hmmm seems I've been buying more Korean products idea why...maybe it's the lack of pretty, interesting, omgwtfimusthaveit Japanese products being brought into Singapore =\

Today I'm show-telling the fairly new Etude House CC Cream in #02 Glow:

It also comes in #01 Silky, which is the more matte version, but I like a little dewiness on my face so I got the Glow =)

Oooooo Luminosity~
Back of the box info:

Hopefully this'll give you an idea of the size of the tube~
Product dispenses via pump:

It does say apply liberally on the box but too much might be overdoing it as you can see with the swatches below~

The small amount that's dispensed spreads really well so you don't need to go crazy with it~ Once dispensed, you can see the tiny micro capsules in the stark white cream but as you massage, it slowly turns into a pinkish nude-ish shade which then blends into your skin. The end result is an overall fairer, more radiant look!
The cream definitely brightened up my face and evened out my skin tone. Minimal coverage for blemishes and dark eye rings etc though~ I could definitely use this on its own if I'm not going downtown or if I'm having a really good skin day! I've been using this as a base more often though cos I need the extra coverage (^__^;;) and it does make for longer lasting makeup and smoother application~
This would totally be enough for someone with pretty good skin just looking to add a nice made-up luminosity to their face but if you need higher coverage and concealment, this'll just be a base I guess~
In short, the Etude House CC Cream:
  • is a nice & smooth cream with sheer coverage that is not buildable
  • moisturizing effect & sunscreen of SPF30 PA++
  • affordable at about S$25 as I recall
  • instantly brightens up my face and helps even out the skintone, gives the my-skin-but-better look
  • too much product might result in umm over-brightening? This CC cream spreads very easily so you don't need THAT much
  • applies smoothly on my combination skin and stays for a good 5 - 6 hours without touchups
  • lovely dewy base for smooth application and longer lasting makeup
  • been using for a few weeks with no skin issues
  • good for those with pretty good skin looking to add that Korean style luminosity to their look!
For my first CC cream, it's pretty good. I'm quite happy but not sure if I would repurchase because it strikes me as quite similar to the Maybelline BB WaterGel =\ maybe a less dewy version of the Maybelline? What do you think? ( ^__^ )

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  1. Wa!~~~ it look really good on u!! Doesn't appear grey~ I gota go swatch to give it a try~ I always end up with very greyish face cos korean products r made with pink tone, not quite suitable for my very yellow skin. :/

    1. Yeah! I was really surprised that it didn't end up looking greyish like allllll the other korean bb creams I've tried~ Go try go try!! (●^∀^●)


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