Thursday, 13 December 2012

Looking Fresh with Kanebo Freshel High Cover Base

As you've noticed by now, I have a definate weakness for Japanese brands. I was on a Kanebo Freshel kick earlier this year but only used the BB cream, Cleansing and Whitening Cream >_< Luckily I keep the Kanebo Freshel stash right up front of my beauty drawer and I eventually got to using the High Cover Makeup Base which I'd bought from Phuket~ I haven't seen it in Singapore but I'm pretty sure you can get it in Thailand, Taiwan, HongKong and Japan(duh).

Kanebo Freshel White C Makeup Base High Cover
Approx S$20 overseas (Original Price 1,000yen)
I have high anticipations for this as I'm also a big fan of the Freshel White C BB Cream!

A look at the back-of-the-box info:

As usual, a general translation was the best I could do T_T
So how does this high cover makeup base perform?

First a look at the texture:

It's very similar but just slightly runnier than the usual BB cream and was more tinted than your usual makeup bases, which is to be expected since it's 'high cover'.

As you can see, it blends in very well and the pearlescent finish is not too obvious, thumbs up for that~

In the photos below, I did a quick once over application on a freshly facial-ed face >_< as you can see, my beautician really went to town on me, excavating all the plugs and spots etc she could find. I reckon all the spots left in the wake of her excavation make very good testament for the coverage from this High Cover Makeup Base.

From Left: No base/foundation > With Freshel High Cover Makeup Base > Base + bareMinerals loose powder

I'm very pleased with the coverage for such a lightweight base =D You can see from the 2nd photo that the redness is considerably reduced and most of the spots are barely visible. With a light dusting of foundation, I'm all concealed and feeling much better about my spots ^__^ I'm very sure that those of you with lesser blemishes and just light pigmentation can easily get away with just this as your foundation~

So in short, the Kanebo Freshel White C Makeup Base High Cover:
  • is a lightweight makeup base that delivers excellent coverage for skin with minor issues
  • should be able to create a much improved base for skin with more blemishes, pigmentation etc
  • blends very easily so would be suitable for spot applications too
  • has good staying power, easily 7 or 8 hours
  • comes in a small tube of 25g which I suspect will last me a couple of months if frequently used
  • is very affordable especially considering the quality
I haven't seen the full Kanebo Freshel White C anywhere in Singapore as yet, have you? If anyone has spotted more of this product in Singapore, I'd really appreciate a heads up! ^___^