Monday, 17 December 2012

Cellilux Glacial Mineral Gel: Just another Lux Facial Mask?

The luxury glacial mud mask from Cellilux has been quite a hit in Europe, States and Japan and has finally made it's way to our sunny shores~ I received a sample pack so here's a quick peek at this miracle mask!
Originally priced at S$238 for the original 6 ounce/180ml jar, Cellilux is in the process of releasing a new, and prettier, 2 ounce jar (above) that'll be easier on the wallet for first timers~ The 6 ounce jar supposedly lasts at least 30 applications so the 2 ounce should last at least 10 applications. This new packaging is to be available late Dec 2012 or January 2012, can't wait!

A look at the packet & info:

As you can see..the old packaging really wasn't very pretty >__<

About Cellilux Glacial Mineral Gel:
  • does not use acids or damaging chemicals
  • the glacial water, nutrients and various extract content help reverse damage to the skin and lay the foundation for collagen and elastin renewal
  • contains 100% uncut glacial clay from British Columbia that has natural ocurring minerals that help repair damaged skin and has been shown to increase collagen production
  • the glacial water content stimulates the skin, removing acidity and detoxifying the skin, providing a foundation for collagen rebuilding
  • also provides hydration and exfoliation for your skin
  • is hypoallergenic, therefore suitable for all skin types
  • daily usage should deliver a smoother skin with noticeably smaller pores (but seriously, DAILY? I can't afford it! >_<)
  • can be used on other part of the body for other skin problems like cellulite and sagging skin
Now, on to the test!

The texture of the mask is not very thick, making it very easy to spread. It has a pleasant earthy, leafy(?) smell that's really quite pleasant~

boo! =D I must say this is a rather flattering shade of green =P
Applied on a cleansed face~ At first, there was a tingling sensation that would have set off alarm signals had I not read about this product online. This is supposedly due to the clay detoxifying the capillaries in the lower dermis. Thankfully, the tingling only lasts about a minute or so before fading away. Users who are not used to such sensations might find it slightly painful though~
In the process of drying, these spots appeared....which I like to think is gunk being sucked out of my pores~

Please! Let there be gunk!!!

15 - 20min later~ My face is craccckkkinnggggg
After washing off, I beheld the results~
  • Mask was easily washed off, no excessive rubbing required~
  • I only see a slight difference close-up but it's more obvious when I look at my face (as a whole) in the mirror. The overall texture looks slightly finer and the pores less in-your-face.
  • My skin felt softer and finer, not tight or dried out all.
For a first-time use, I think the results are...well....encouraging, as are other online reviews. I am so getting the 60ml jar when it's released! Hopefully using it just once a week will still yield some results~
The Cellilux Glacial Mineral Gel (currently still sold in the 6 ounce/180ml S$238 jar) can be purchased from:
Have you tried this mask yet? =D


  1. I have this mask on right now, and it's still burning and i have had it on for 8 minutes :)

    1. Hi Anonymous!
      Still burning after 8 min? Wow, sounds like intensive detox! =D Hope it's been good for your skin! ^^


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