Friday, 28 December 2012

My Skin But Better - Kate Powderless Liquid for Cover Foundation

I've had this wonderful little bottle in my beauty drawer for a little over a month now and honestly nearly forgot to review it because I have the attention span of a goldfish >_<

Kate Powderless Liquid for Cover (30ml) - S$34 at Watsons
Foundation is very important to me. It's like the foundation of a building, very important when you start construction! A good foundation sets a good canvas for the rest of your makeup. Or at least that's how I feel =)

First off, I really like the packaging! Small and light! My previous liquid foundation came in a elongated glass pump bottle, not the most outdoor-friendly especially for rough types like me ^__^v The pump is also quite easy to control after getting the initial air out of the way.

A look at the back-of-the-box info:

I bought the Ochre D (OC-D) which turns out to be a PERFECT PERFECT match for my medium fair skin =D I previously bought the Kate BB Gel Cream in OC-B, which gave my face a slightly more radiant colour after evening out with loose powder but OC-D is perfect without any powder tweaking~

A look at the hand swatch:

See? Perfect match!!

Now on the face:

From Left: No makeup >> 1 layer of Kate Powderless Liquid >> added spot layering of Powderless Liquid for more coverage

Absolutely love it! Application was a dream even though I read that for some users the liquid settled in the stated 15sec so they found blending a tad rushed but it was fine for me. The Powderless Liquid is light and doesn't leave any oily or sticky feeling, with a fairly matte finish. Coverage was good, medium but buildable, and held up very well for my 10 hours out. Nicely done Kate!

In short, Kate Powderless Liquid for Cover:
  • comes in a nice lightweight black & beige pump bottle, approximately palm-sized.
  • the pump is easy to control, you're not likely to accidentally end up with a blobby mess.
  • product spreads and blends easily, though dilly-dallying is discouraged due to the 15sec setting time =p
  • used about 2 pumps for my whole face
  • liquid settles quickly into a fairly matte, powdery finish with no oily or sticky feeling developing throughout the day, a slight shine did emerge after about 5 hours though
  • no need for additional dusting of loose powder
  • coverage is sheer to medium and buildable for light concealing
  • product holds up very well on my combination skin, for almost a full 12 hours both in and outdoors
Basically, I love love love this~~ Really gave me the my-skin-but-better look!

Have you tried the Kate Powderless Liquid for Cover? Did you love it did you did you? =D